Josef Albers: Interaction

Joseph Albers: Interaction

by Heinz Liesbrock

Josef Albers (1888–1976) was a 20th-century modernist who was best known for his Homages to the Square (painted 1950–76) and The Interaction of Color, published by Yale University Press in 1963. He was an exceptional teacher, artist, painter, and colour theorist.

Only appearances are not deceiving

Josef Albers

This lavishly illustrated review of Albers’ work, which coincides with the artist’s first major exhibition in over thirty years, covers all facets of his long and artistic career. Starting with Albers’ time at the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau, the book follows him to America, describing major themes in his work as well as the significance of his frequent trips to Mexico. A team of experts reproduces and discusses paintings, prints, furniture, household items, works in glass, portraits, and pre-Columbian sculptures in stunning detail. Albers’ influence on 1960s Minimalist art is also discussed, with Renaissance sculptures and symbols juxtaposed with his paintings, highlighting the conceptual and spiritual aspects of his work.

The book convincingly shows how this great artist transformed modern design by using line, colour, surface, and space to question the viewer’s understanding. It includes a detailed biography.

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