Montreal’s Expo 67 Kindle Edition by Bill Cotter

Montreal’s Expo 67 Kindle Edition

By Bill Cotter

In 1967, Canada celebrated its 100th anniversary with a spectacular party to which the entire world was invited. Expo 67 in Montreal was Canada’s first world’s fair, and it was a huge success, attracting over 50 million visitors. The 1,000-acre site was built on two artificial islands in the St. Lawrence River, and it included 90 futuristic pavilions designed by some of the world’s most renowned architects and designers. Over 60 countries were represented and numerous private, corporate, and thematic pavilions, all under the theme “Man and His World.” With a diverse range of performers and entertainers, restaurants, cultural attractions, exhibitions, and a world-class amusement park, Expo 67 was the party of the century, exceeding all expectations.

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