New Mixed Media Artworks by Tristan Eaton

New paintings by uber talented American street artist Tristan Eaton.

“Born in L.A. in 1978, Tristan Eaton started pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscapes of the cities where he lived, be it London, Detroit, or New York.

These days, Eaton is one of the most prominent street artists working today. Eaton’s large scale mural work features a meticulous, visual collage of pop imagery mixed with his unique personal style, all executed with freehand spray paint on a colossal scale. Eaton now focuses on his Fine Art and large-scale mural work full-time, which can be found in dozens of cities across the globe from Paris to Shanghai.”

More art on the grid Visit his website

Sample of his Works from Instagram

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