Extreme Pinot Noir: A Confluence of Design and Oenology

Design and art have always played a pivotal role in how we interact with the world around us. And when that interaction involves a sensory experience like wine tasting, the design becomes crucial. Enter the Extreme Pinot Noir glass โ€“ a perfect blend of artistry and science designed to elevate the wine-drinking experience.

Named aptly for their daring contours, the Extreme glasses make an immediate visual impact. Evocative of meticulously cut diamonds, these glasses are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also scientifically attuned to their purpose. Their exaggerated, expansive angles aren’t just a bold design choice. They provide ample space for the wine to aerate, which is vital for unlocking the beverage’s full palette of aromas and flavours.

A Symphony with New World Wines

Wine glasses aren’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Different wines have varying characteristics that demand specific shapes and designs. The Extreme glasses have been tailored with the New World wines in mind. These wines, often described as soft and generously fruity, find their perfect match in the Extreme. The design of the glass intensifies the inherent softness of these wines, amplifying their fruity notes to deliver an unparalleled tasting experience.

The Magic of the Pinot Noir Glass

Light-bodied yet complex, red wines like Pinot Noir have a delicate balance of acidity and tannin. The Pinot Noir glass from the Extreme collection is crafted to complement these very attributes. With its expansive balloon-shaped bowl, the glass serves dual purposes. It not only tempers the wine’s acidity but also magnifies its rich, fruit-forward character. Every swirl in this glass releases a symphony of aromas, encapsulating the very essence of the wine.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Box Quantity: 6
  • Volume: 770ml
  • Height: 243mm
  • Production Method: Precision machine made in Germany, ensuring uniformity and perfection in every piece.
  • Material Composition: Finest crystal glass, offering clarity and durability.
  • Care: Effortless maintenance with dishwasher safety.

In conclusion, the Extreme Pinot Noir glass is not just a vessel but an ode to the world of design and wine. Every facet of its design speaks of a deep understanding of oenology, ensuring that each sip from this glass is an experience in itself. For those passionate about design, and wine alike, this glass is a testament to how design can transform an everyday ritual into a sublime experience. Cheers to the confluence of design and taste!

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