Coco Chanel Jewellery

Costume jewellery, affordable, stylish, and rich in history, has once again become prominent in fashion. Iconic figures like Coco Chanel and characters like Carrie Bradshaw have significantly contributed to its popularity.Read More →

Fragipani petals on concrete path, Orchard Hill Road

Our first day in Singapore leads us through Orchard Hill Road, experiencing a mix of nature and urban design, traditional and modern elements, and uniquely Singaporean street art and culture.Read More →

The poem characterizes an Art Deco styled jungle as a serene, unseen haven where nature intersects with man-made architecture. It merges the jungle’s wild green with mankind’s steel, glass, marble, bronze and gold, creating a historical, paradoxical urban forest.Read More →

Jacaranda stroll in Rhodes

The author describes how the purple blooms of Jacarandas add natural beauty to the urbanity of Rhodes streets, resembling nature’s art against the cityscape and inviting readers to explore this design-nature interplay further on his blog.Read More →

Yellow Miffy on Countertop

The Miffy plush toy collection at Dymocks offers a lesson in design and comfort using different fabrics and contemporary colour trends. These toys, an icon of minimalist design, are sustainably produced, evoke emotions, and symbolize the intersections of creativity and sustainability in decorative arts.
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Moleskine Hardcover Notebooks - Milligram

During a shopping spree in Sydney, the author rediscovers Moleskine hardcover notebooks at Milligram. He appreciates the notebook’s perfect blend of design and function, symbolizing durability, facilitating writing as a therapeutic and creative practice, and invoking nostalgia for the traditional art of writing.Read More →

Arabia's Sunnuntai Vitro Plate

The Sunnuntai Vitro plate, designed by Birger Kaipiainen in 1971 for Arabia, combines its vibrant, intricate design with practicality and durability, embodying Finnish craftsmanship and timeless elegance.Read More →

Xmas tabletop setting

To elevate holiday dinners, consider products like Gibson Home Rockaway’s stylish dinnerware, the uniquely designed Silverware Set Limited Edition, KooK’s versatile pasta bowls, and the artisanal SPEShh Acacia wooden serving trays. Other options include cotton napkins, a Le Creuset gravy boat and premium cheese knives.Read More →

Lego - ABS featured image

Amy Corbett, a senior design manager at Lego Group, transitioned from sustainable development work to toy design, shaping iconic Lego lines and appearing on TV show Lego Masters. Her diverse career highlights the broad opportunities within the design field.Read More →

Pond Coffee Table by Marco Acerbis

Marco Acerbis, a stalwart in architecture and design, carved a unique career path beginning with prestigious Foster+Partners, before starting an independent, Italian practice. A proponent for interdisciplinary design, Acerbis promotes sustainability and uses advanced technology, shaping the landscape of modern design.Read More →

Q Stak Chair 1954 designed by Robin Day

The Q Stak chair, designed by Robin Day for Hille in 1953, embodies British modernism and the innovation of accessible, quality furniture. Combining aesthetics, practicality, and material innovation, it remains a seminal symbol of good design.Read More →

"Muszla" [Shell] chair Hanna Lachert; "ลad" Artistsโ€™ Cooperative

Hanna Lachert’s mid-century “Muszla” [Shell] chair, created in 1956, epitomizes aesthetic and functional mid-century modern design. Despite decades past since its creation, it remains popular due to its timeless appeal and iconic features.Read More →

Lalique Crystal Turquoise Fish Sculpture

The Lalique Crystal Turquoise Fish Sculpture reflects Lalique’s heritage of opulent craftsmanship and natural inspirations. Handcrafted from fine crystal, it symbolizes abundance, creativity, and nature’s deep beauty.Read More →

The Elegance of the Wedgwood Vera Infinity Keepsake Box

The Wedgwood Vera Infinity Keepsake Box, designed by Vera Wang, pairs artistic elegance with practical utility. Its distinctive rope symbol signifies enduring love, making it a versatile and sophisticated gift option.Read More →

Riedel Extreme Pinot Noir Wine Glasses

The Riedel Extreme Pinot Noir wine glasses, with their unique design, enhance tasting experiences by aerating the wine and amplifying its fruity notes. Designed with the characteristics of New World wines in mind, these glasses also enhance the qualities of light-bodied, complex red wines like Pinot Noir.Read More →

DeLonghi Electric Kettle Icona Triboot Vigore 1.0 L

The DeLonghi Icona Capitals 1.7L Kettle is more than a functional kitchen appliance; it’s a design masterpiece reflecting global city architectures while incorporating a three-level safety protection system and modern, efficient heating features.Read More →

Logitech POP Mouse, Wireless Mouse with Customizable Emojis

Logitech’s POP Mouse merges technology and art with its vibrant pink hue, ergonomic design, SilentTouch technology, and customizable emoji button. The mouse combines aesthetics and usability, celebrating individuality, and offering modern adults a blend of playful and professional features.
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Wareland Pasta Bowls Set of 4, 22 oz Ceramic Soup Bowls

The Wareland Pasta Bowls Set of 4 is lauded for its elegant design, versatile use, and quality craftsmanship. Made from ultra-fine porcelain, the design prioritizes practicality, aesthetics, eco-friendliness, and easy maintenance, making it suitable for any kitchen or as a thoughtful gift.Read More →

apple watch

Well-designed products enhance our mood through aesthetic pleasure, functionality, psychological impact, evoking nostalgia, quality craftsmanship, alignment with personal values, and novelty. These aspects make them catalysts for emotional well-being.Read More →

Fiskars Classic Design Scissors

Fiskars Original Orange-Handled Scissors, introduced in 1967, merges ergonomic design and quality with a distinctive design. These versatile, high-grade stainless steel scissors offer exceptional precision, durability, and comfort, particularly for smaller hands. They have a lifetime warranty and are a recognized design icon globally.Read More →