Artemide launches the ILIO 10 Special Edition lamp to celebrate the original ILIO’s 10th anniversary, featuring a sustainable shaded metal finish, dynamic light management via an app, and a commemorative laser-engraved signature, signifying the brand’s commitment to design excellence and sustainability.Read More →

Lego Blocks

LEGO, beyond simply being a children’s toy, is highly esteemed in the applied and decorative arts for its versatility in functional design and aesthetic, replicating architectural masterpieces and creative displays.
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Muji Home Fragrance Products

Muji is a globally recognized brand that emphasizes a minimalist philosophy in product design. Their categories, including fragrance, health, beauty, stationery, travel, cleaning, household, and kitchen items, utilise simple aesthetics and functionality, creating useful products that harmoniously blend into everyday life.Read More →

Living room design from Baleria Italia (screenshot from website).

Baleri Italia, established in the 1980s, is a trailblazing international design brand known for its Italian craftsmanship, collaborations with renowned designers, minimalist yet bold aesthetics, and iconic creations. Its designs reflect a blend of classic and contemporary styles, and its influence extends to prestigious institutions such as MoMA.
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McKinnon & Harris Estate, Yatcht and Garden Furniture

McKinnon and Harris specializes in high-end aluminium outdoor furniture, merging craftsmanship with durability. Their work, available internationally, combines design aesthetics with functionality, extending the discourse of decorative and applied arts to outdoor settings. Their strong digital presence facilitates global accessibility.Read More →

B & B Italia Selection of Furniture. ELLE Decoration 2015

Since 1966, B&B Italia has defined contemporary design with innovative use of technology and culturally responsive creations like Patricia Urquiola’s informal “Tufty-Time” and Antonio Citterio’s balanced “Michel Club.” Its pioneering use of cold-molded polyurethane foam sets it apart.Read More →

Galeries Lafayette interior

The Galeries Lafayette reported revenue of more than five billion euros in 2019. Since 1960, it has belonged to the International Association of Department Stores. It now has a number of locations in France and other countries in addition to its flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris.Read More →

CO1369 Toothpick Holder by Andrea Branzi

The Alessi Toothpick Holder, designed by the renowned Italian architect and designer Andrea Branzi, is a masterful blend of functional design and artful craftsmanship. The holder is designed to be a functional piece at its core, effortlessly dispensing toothpicks when required. However, it is the artistic nuances that elevate it beyond mere utility.Read More →

Extendable cupboard by Interlubke

Discover Interlübke, a renowned German furniture manufacturer known for its craftsmanship and innovative designs. From the revolutionary ‘endless cupboard’ storage unit to the internally illuminated EO system, Interlübke continues to redefine space utilization. Collaborating with top designers, their modern furniture solutions offer versatility and functionality. With a recent acquisition by Domovari, Interlübke remains a trusted partner, committed to preserving German craftsmanship and delivering exceptional furniture. Explore Interlübke’s premium collection and experience their legacy of excellence in furniture manufacturing.Read More →

Hudson Valley Lighting Group - Screenshot of homepage

Are you intrigued by the artistry of lighting design? Explore the full article to discover more about the Hudson Valley Lighting Company’s rich legacy, innovative designs, and ethical practices. Immerse yourself in the world of captivating fixtures and gain insights into their collaborations and recognition.Read More →

Kosta Boda Glassware

Kosta Boda, for much of its early life, this famous Swedish glassmaking company’s production centred on drinking glasses, chandeliers, and window panes. However, in the late nineteenth century, with the employment of designers such as Alf Wallander and Gunnar Wennenberg, a more concerted design policy emerged, resulting in more fashionable, Art Nouveau-inspired products.Read More →

Kvadrat textiles featured images

Kvadrat, founded in 1968 in Denmark, is a global leader in high-quality, contemporary textiles. Emphasizing quality, craftsmanship, and collaboration with renowned designers, Kvadrat creates visually striking and durable fabrics suitable for various industries. The company is committed to sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and reducing environmental impact. Kvadrat’s textiles are versatile and adaptable, found in various industries like architecture, interior design, and fashion.Read More →

Fritz Hansen featured image

Fritz Hansen, a cabinetmaker who started producing and supplying furniture parts before going into bentwood furniture production, founded this major Danish furniture manufacturing company in Copenhagen. In the 1930s, the company began to produce tubular steel designs by Dutch designer Mart Stam and others, in addition to wooden furniture. Read More →

Founded in 1966, Kettal has grown into a global furniture brand renowned for its innovative, customisable designs. Headquartered in Barcelona, they collaborate with top international designers and ensure eco-conscious manufacturing with a focus on quality and modern technology.Read More →

Monsani’s Life system for Acerbis

Acerbis is a 150-year-old furniture manufacturer in Italy, founded in 1870 by Benvenuto Acerbis and his grandson Lodovico Acerbis, who introduced cutting-edge industrial production and partnerships with avant-garde designers by the 1960s.Read More →

La Danese domestic goods manufacturer

La Danese was founded in Milan by Bruno Danese and Jacqueline Vodoz. The company specialised in editing, designing, and marketing well‐designed everyday products with a modern aesthetic. There were three significant focus areas: domestic and office products, artistic editions, and children’s games and creative play stimuli. Read More →

Kartell featured image

Kartell, a Milanese furniture manufacturer established in 1949, is known for high-quality plastic injection mouldings. Initially producing automobile accessories, Kartell diversified into home furnishings in 1963. With an annual revenue of $100 million, the company maintains a broad product range to attract impulse buyers.Read More →

Flos Lighting Manufacturer

Dino Gavina established the lighting firm Flos in 1962 to complement his furniture manufacturing at Gavina. In Merano, at first, it moved to the Brescia area. Maria Sinoncini and Cesare Cassina were directors, followed by Sergio Gandini. Read More →

Novogratz Cache Yellow Locker

Novogratz recommends adding pops of colour with accessories, such as pillows and curtains, to make the room feel more alive. The Novogratz Cache Metal Locker End Table adds storage and style to the living room, with two shelves and a lock to keep items secure.Read More →

Alexander Girard for Herman Miller

Alexander Girard, one of Herman Miller’s famous designers in the 1950s and 1960s, added creative textiles to Eames’ and Nelson’s furniture. He produced some of the most vibrant and vibrant fabrics available anywhere as the head of Herman Miller’s Textile Division since its inception in 1952. He also created the Girard Group, a 25-piece modern furniture collection, and the Environmental Enrichment Panels, a 40-piece series for Action Office 2.Read More →