Designer Brands

Designer Brands are the visual result of human creativity and innovation. Brands are indeed the visual manifestation of human creativity and innovation. They are the product of a company’s vision, values, and mission and serve as a symbol of its identity. A strong brand is not just recognizable but also memorable and evokes positive emotions in consumers.

It is why people choose one product over another, even if they are similar in quality and price. Building a successful brand requires a deep understanding of your target audience, their needs, wants, and preferences. It also involves creating a unique brand personality that resonates with your customer’s values and beliefs. The most successful brands can tell a compelling story that connects with their audience emotionally.

They use various marketing strategies to build brand awareness and loyalty, such as social media campaigns, influencer marketing, and experiential marketing. 

Fritz Hansen featured image

Fritz Hansen, a cabinetmaker who started producing and supplying furniture parts before going into bentwood furniture production, founded this major Danish furniture manufacturing company in Copenhagen. In the 1930s, the company began to produce tubular steel designs by Dutch designer Mart Stam and others, in addition to wooden furniture. Read More →

Kettal was initially founded in 1966 with a focus on design and innovation. In the early 2000s, Kettal acquired the Hugonet y Triconfort brands that came together to form Kettal Group.Read More →

Monsani’s Life system for Acerbis

Acerbis is a 150-year-old furniture manufacturer in Italy, founded in 1870 by Benvenuto Acerbis and his grandson Lodovico Acerbis, who introduced cutting-edge industrial production and partnerships with avant-garde designers by the 1960s.Read More →

La Danese domestic goods manufacturer

La Danese was founded in Milan by Bruno Danese and Jacqueline Vodoz. The company specialised in editing, designing, and marketing well‐designed everyday products with a modern aesthetic. There were three significant focus areas: domestic and office products, artistic editions, and children’s games and creative play stimuli. Read More →

Kartell featured image

Kartell is a Milanese furniture manufacturer founded in 1949. It specialises in high-quality plastic injection mouldings and the early fiftiesRead More →

Flos Lighting Manufacturer

Dino Gavina established the lighting firm Flos in 1962 to complement his furniture manufacturing at Gavina. In Merano, at first, it moved to the Brescia area. Maria Sinoncini and Cesare Cassina were directors, followed by Sergio Gandini. Read More →

Novogratz Cache Yellow Locker

Novogratz recommends adding pops of colour with accessories, such as pillows and curtains, to make the room feel more alive. The Novogratz Cache Metal Locker End Table adds storage and style to the living room, with two shelves and a lock to keep items secure.Read More →

Alexander Girard for Herman Miller

Alexander Girard, one of Herman Miller’s famous designers in the 1950s and 1960s, added creative textiles to Eames’ and Nelson’s furniture. He produced some of the most vibrant and vibrant fabrics available anywhere as the head of Herman Miller’s Textile Division since its inception in 1952. He also created the Girard Group, a 25-piece modern furniture collection, and the Environmental Enrichment Panels, a 40-piece series for Action Office 2.Read More →

The Book of Burberry featured image

Burberry is renowned for its coveted designs, which balance tradition and innovation. This book reveals the story behind the brand and includes photographs from its humble beginnings in 1856 to current designs.
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Swatch featured image

Swatch has revolutionised the watch industry over the previous four decades. The Swatch became the fashion item of the 1980s thanks to its combination of Swiss technology, design, and low price. It is the first watch that has become a classic look, with a black plastic band and a basic watch face.Read More →