Garriri Chair by Javier Mariscal

This black leather and metal-framed chair was designed by the Spanish artist, designer, and cartoon enthusiast Javier Mariscal.Read More →

Pk22 Chair featured image

Poul Kjaerholm’s Pk22 lounge chair is a classic in the design world, made of spring steel legs, crossbars, and side frames attached with machine screws and covered in canvas, leather, or cane. Poul Kjaerholm was a Danish designer known for his PK22 chair, which was awarded the Grand Prize at the Milan Triennale in 1957 and 1960.Read More →

Chair no.14 by Michael Thonet

Bentwood furniture was not invented by Michael Thonet (1798-1871), but he perfected a method for mass production. In 1819, in Boppard, Germany, he opened his cabinetmaking business, and by 1840 he had invented the steam-softening technique for bending rods of hardwood into flowing yet structurally solid shapes. There are just six sections and screws in his all-time classic, Model No.14. Read More →


Josef Hoffmann’s Sitzmaschine armchair, introduced in 1905, is a symbol of modernity that blends functionality and design. The chair’s aesthetic, built in collaboration with J. & J. Kohn, is pioneer in bentwood furniture, showcasing Jugendstil’s geometric principles. The design represents an evolution in adjustable furniture, combining innovative materials with artful architecture.Read More →

Armchair 1949, Hans J. Wegner

He simplified the chair’s structure so that the sculpted backrest and arms form one continuous element. The turned legs rigidly support the deep seat rail and top piece without the need for stretchers, combining an expressive form that draws on Chinese precedents with natural materials and a rationally conceived design destined for the most exacting factory manufacture.Read More →

Red and Blue Armchair by Gerrit Rietveld

The Red and Blue Chair’s visual impact has ensured that it will always be a staple image in any history of twentieth-century design. It has become a metaphor for the Modern Movement along with the Schrรถder home.Read More →

Pack Horse is a ‘active’ leisure chair that will accompany you on your mental journeys. A chair that allows you to become lost in analogue creative pursuits like writing, painting, reading, playing guitar, or listening to records. Read More →

The Lassen Chair was created by Flemming Lassen, Magnus Sangild, and Marianne Viktor in 2018 as a tribute to Flemming Lassen’s uncompromising dedication to detail, aesthetics, quality, and form.Read More →

Hanging Loop Chair

Hanging Loop Chair by Lee Broom. Suspended from above, two brass plated steel circular hoops join to create – Hanging Hoop Chair. Read More >Read More →

Wassily Chair by Marcel Bruer featured image

Dwell magazine and Gear Patrol highlight iconic items in the Knoll Modern Comfort Sale, including the revolutionary Wassily Chair, innovative Bertoia Diamond Chair, and versatile Florence Knoll Coffee Table – embodying design history and forward-thinking functionality.Read More →