Red Geranium Flowers with Green Leaves Floral Quilting Fabric

Is there anything more joyous than geraniums? Bright, resilient and utterly undemanding, these pleasers of the botanical world are surely the flora for our times. “Geraniums are the no-brainer gift that keeps on giving,” says the florist Kitten Grayson. “As long as you deadhead them, they’ll flower continuously and last for years.Read More →

Mario Bellini Yellow Calculator

This article discusses various 20th-century design styles, outlining how they have evolved over the decades, often driven by societal and technological changes. It asserts that the usability of designed objects is largely dependent on users’ emotional responses to them. The piece uses the work of designer Mario Bellini as a case study, highlighting the importance of the human body metaphor in design.Read More →

Abstract Geometric Bauhaus Prints Bauhaus Wall Art

The Bauhaus School revolutionized design, creating a lasting influence with its philosophy that “form follows function”. Focused on simplicity, clarity and geometry, the school’s principles continue to shape modern poster design. Key contributors included Herbert Bayer, Joost Schmidt, and László Moholy-Nagy.
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EXCOOL CLUB Neutral Abstract Wall Art - 12x16 Bauhaus Poster

The Bauhaus Poster Wall Art Set offers timeless mid-century modern design, making it an ideal gift for vintage enthusiasts. It delivers a bridge between past and present, unified, minimalist Bauhaus design, and high-quality prints packaged carefully for longevity.Read More →

General Purpose Scissors

Scissors, dating back 3,000 to 4,000 years to Mesopotamia, illustrate human ingenuity and adaptation. Their varied designs reflect specific applications, historical periods, regional craftsmanship, and advancements in technology. Today, China dominates the global scissor industry, although several countries contribute unique designs.Read More →