Jacaranda stroll in Rhodes

The author describes how the purple blooms of Jacarandas add natural beauty to the urbanity of Rhodes streets, resembling nature’s art against the cityscape and inviting readers to explore this design-nature interplay further on his blog.Read More →

French Neoclassical console chair

French furniture has evolved over 200 years, showcasing varying styles including the grandeur of the Baroque era, the whimsical Rococo, the simplicity of Neoclassical designs, the departure of Art Nouveau, and a 20th-century revival of previous styles. These iconic styles continue to inspire contemporary design.Read More →

Bose New Quiet Comfort Headphones

The Bose QuietComfort Headphones provide efficient noise cancellation, comfort, and varied listening modes suitable for travels. They offer high-fidelity audio, long-lasting battery, microphone cord integration, and seamless device connectivity, enhancing the overall sound and travel experience.Read More →

The game‑changing BMC Pininfarina concept

Fioravanti, a celebrated automotive designer, has significantly influenced the industry with his visionary designs at Pininfarina, especially through collaborations with Ferrari. His pioneering work includes the Peugeot 205 and groundbreaking aerodynamic research with the CNR experimental vehicle.Read More →


Artemide launches the ILIO 10 Special Edition lamp to celebrate the original ILIO’s 10th anniversary, featuring a sustainable shaded metal finish, dynamic light management via an app, and a commemorative laser-engraved signature, signifying the brand’s commitment to design excellence and sustainability.Read More →

Bose Lifestyle Photo screenshot from website

Bose distinguishes itself in the applied and decorative arts realm through its strikingly minimalist aesthetics, user-focused ergonomics, and cutting-edge technology. The company masterfully strikes a balance between form and function, creating visually pleasing products that deliver superior audio quality.Read More →

DeLonghi is an Italian brand committed to creating visually appealing, high-performing appliances. It combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, allowing customization, and collaborates with top designers. It prioritizes sustainable practices and eco-consciousness in its designs.Read More →

Screenshot of Miffy from Miffy Shop

Dutch artist Dick Bruna, born into a prestigious publishing family, chose art over publishing. His signature style, influenced by artists like Matisse and Léger, is identified by bold, simple lines and primary colors. His most recognizable creation, Miffy, is a children’s literature and design icon.Read More →

Yellow Miffy on Countertop

The Miffy plush toy collection at Dymocks offers a lesson in design and comfort using different fabrics and contemporary colour trends. These toys, an icon of minimalist design, are sustainably produced, evoke emotions, and symbolize the intersections of creativity and sustainability in decorative arts.
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Moleskine Hardcover Notebooks - Milligram

During a shopping spree in Sydney, the author rediscovers Moleskine hardcover notebooks at Milligram. He appreciates the notebook’s perfect blend of design and function, symbolizing durability, facilitating writing as a therapeutic and creative practice, and invoking nostalgia for the traditional art of writing.Read More →

Daitoku-ji temple raked stone

The Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, serves as a serene sanctuary embodying Japanese design principles, including ‘wabi-sabi’ and ‘shakkei.’ The temple showcases the beauty of imperfection and transience in its raked stones, sculpted pines, and moss carpets, offering a profound lesson in restraint, harmony, and purposeful design.Read More →

Vintage photo of Works by Paul Vincze

Paul Vincze was a famed coin and medal designer. Forced to flee Europe due to Nazi persecution, he made significant contributions to the arts in Britain. Notably, he crafted coins and medals that encapsulated historical narratives, blending art, history, and design in tangible artifacts, earning him global recognition and awards.Read More →

Children's Library in "La Ciudadela" by Bernado Gómez-Pimienta

Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, a globally influential figure, blends architecture with furniture design. Born in Belgium and based in Mexico, his works reflect his international background and his focus on functional aesthetics. His career includes academia, architectural identity projects, and award-winning designs.
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Lego Blocks

LEGO, beyond simply being a children’s toy, is highly esteemed in the applied and decorative arts for its versatility in functional design and aesthetic, replicating architectural masterpieces and creative displays.
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French Press

The French Press is a cherished tool among coffee lovers and design enthusiasts, merging utilitarian design into aesthetic grace. It embodies balance in form and function, reflecting minimalist elegance.Read More →

Tehuana traditional Dress exhibition Museo Frida Kahlo

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s choice to wear the Tehuana dress, a traditional attire from the Tehuantepec Isthmus, served as a multifaceted symbol. This garment encapsulated her cultural heritage, political ideology, individuality, femininity, and a means to signal her presence in the male-dominated art world.Read More →

Breville Espresso Machine Collection

Breville products blend practical functionality with modern, timeless aesthetics. Prioritizing user experience, high-quality materials, sustainability, and customizable designs, their kitchen appliances deliver longevity, adaptability, and value for money.Read More →

Arabia's Sunnuntai Vitro Plate

The Sunnuntai Vitro plate, designed by Birger Kaipiainen in 1971 for Arabia, combines its vibrant, intricate design with practicality and durability, embodying Finnish craftsmanship and timeless elegance.Read More →

Muji Home Fragrance Products

Muji is a globally recognized brand that emphasizes a minimalist philosophy in product design. Their categories, including fragrance, health, beauty, stationery, travel, cleaning, household, and kitchen items, utilise simple aesthetics and functionality, creating useful products that harmoniously blend into everyday life.Read More →

Wall Coat Rack by James Irvine

James Irvine, a renowned industrial designer born into a creative family, balanced geometric formalism and user-centric design to produce practical and aesthetically pleasing designs across sectors. Despite his early demise in 2013, his legacy continues in Studio Irvine.Read More →