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Danish Pepper - book featured image

At the height of the Danish Modern movement, Jens Quistgaard and Dansk spiced up the design world with a stunning series of sculptural wood salt and pepper mills. Danish Pepper features photos and illustrations of Dansk and other Danish mills, accompanied by a rich history of the mills and their creators.Read More →

Designing Liners - A History of Interior Design

This book shows how the insides of ocean liners have changed from the middle of the 19th century to the 21st century. It is the first book to give a history and analysis of this vital part of interior design, which reflects and reinforces cultural ideas about national identity, gender, class, and ethnicity. Anne Massey’s method combines the study of interior design, the history of design, architecture, and the analysis of ships. The South African Union Castle and P & O Lines are discussed more in the new edition, as well as the ships’ demise and how they were used after that.Read More →

Modern Rustic cover art featured image

Rustic isn’t the same as it once was. The days of fusty dried flower arrangements, antlers over a stone fireplace, and acres of plaid are long gone.Read More →

Matteo Thun -The Index Book

A-to-Z of Everything Matteo Thun Has Done Index Thun: From A to Z Matteo Thun’s The Index Book is aRead More →

Live Beautiful Cover Art featured image

Athena Calderone is a renowned design expert and interior designer who shares her knowledge and connections with interior decorators, fashion designers, and tastemakers from around the world in her book Live Beautiful. Calderone delves into the inspiration behind each homeowner’s design journey and provides practical tips on how to incorporate these sophisticated elements into your own living space. The book features beautiful photography by Nicole Franzen and serves as a valuable resource for creating a thoughtfully designed home.Read More →

Designing Coffee Cover Art

The coffee industry has ignited a cultural and creative movement, leading to the creation of unique and imaginative coffee shops. “Designing Coffee” provides guidance on how to create a unique space that reflects individuality.Read More →

Made for Living Cover Art

This Book will help you plan a home that’s made to be lived in. NATIONAL BESTSELLER With more than 250Read More →