French Press

The French Press is a cherished tool among coffee lovers and design enthusiasts, merging utilitarian design into aesthetic grace. It embodies balance in form and function, reflecting minimalist elegance.Read More →

Breville Espresso Machine Collection

Breville products blend practical functionality with modern, timeless aesthetics. Prioritizing user experience, high-quality materials, sustainability, and customizable designs, their kitchen appliances deliver longevity, adaptability, and value for money.Read More →

Hario Drip Coffee Kettle

The HARIO BDK-80-W Bona kettle combines modern brewing precision with rustic aesthetics. Its key features include a special gooseneck spout for precise pours, teak wood accents, and compatibility with various ranges. Although gentle care is needed, it enhances brewing experiences.Read More →

The Ember Travel Mug

The Ember Travel Mug 2, winner of the 2017 IDSA award, is a smart mug with long-lasting battery, temperature control, a touch display, and is designed for a busy lifestyle. This mug ensures beverage remains at the perfect temperature and is easily manageable.Read More →

Alessi Kettle featured image

The Alessi kettle, designed by Michael Graves in 1985, is a renowned and iconic product in industrial design. This stainless steel kettle features a sculptural shape, a bird-shaped whistle, and a handle and knob resembling a bird’s head. It combines playful aesthetics with practicality, boasting a 2-liter capacity and an ergonomic handle for easy pouring. The kettle has received numerous design awards and is celebrated as a symbol of contemporary design.

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Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker

Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker espresso pod machine is an ideal gift for small kitchens, offices, or dorm rooms, offering convenience, convenience, and easy cleaning. It is cETL approved with advanced safety technology and a one-year warranty.Read More →

Chantal Tea Kettle, Vintage Series, Enamel on Steel, Whistling (Chili Red)

The Chantal Vintage Series Tea Kettle combines retro aesthetics with modern comforts and features. It’s enamel-on-steel, chili red design includes a “stay cool” handle, loud whistle, and compatibility with all cooktops. The interior resists wear and promotes health-conscious cooking.Read More →

Espresso Coffee Maker - Pulcina

The Alessi Pulcina Espresso Maker, designed by Michele De Lucchi in collaboration with illycaffรจ, utilizes revolutionary technology to prevent bitter coffee. Its unique design promotes even extraction and rich flavour. Alessi’s ethical commitment ensures premium quality and durability.Read More →