Coming Home: Modern Rustic: Creative Living in Dutch Interiors

Coming Home: Modern Rustic: Creative Living in Dutch Interiors

This book has a carefully chosen collection of interiors, such as historic canal houses, restored farms, and green homes owned by interior designers, product designers, architects, and artists. These homes were built or renovated to bring them into the 21st century in a way typical of the Dutch: they are friendly to the environment, make creative use of space, are full of colour and charm, and never take themselves too seriously.

Each house in the book shows how the people there think and feel, from the converted factory space of designer Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven to the biodynamic garden of artist Claudy Jongstra’s farmhouse in Spannum, where camomile grows.

Coming Home shows fun ideas and easy ways to add style to your home. Whether it’s the traditional “lowlands” style of mixing old and new, faded and welcoming, into a casual chic, or a quirky reimagining of a space that shows a bit of eccentricity, this book shows why so many people love the Netherlands and how we can all learn from them.


About the Author

Barbara de Vries was born in Amsterdam. She has been a fashion designer for most of her career. In 1991, she designed the CK collections for Calvin Klein, and she has since had her own lines in both the U.S. and Japan.

In 2009, Barbara and her husband, the author Alastair Gordon, started Gordon de Vries Studio, which puts out illustrated books about design and lifestyle. She is also a passionate activist against plastic pollution. When Barbara’s twin daughters moved to the Netherlands to study design, she saw the country through their eyes and realised that she had never really left the Dutch way of life.