Artichoke Embroidery 1890 by William Morris

Essay The Arts and Crafts movement emerged during the late Victorian period in England, the most industrialized country in the world at that time. Anxieties about fueled a positive revaluation of handcraftsmanship and precapitalist forms of culture and society. Source: The Arts and Crafts Movement in America | Essay |Read More →

Paul Bailey Photo Meet William Morris

Elegant swirls of vines, flowers, and leaves in perfect symmetry, William Morris’ iconic patterns are instantly recognizable. Designed during the 1800s, Morris’ woodblock-printed wallpaper designs were revolutionary for their time, and can still be found all over the world, printed for furniture upholstery, curtains, ceramics, and even fashion accessories. Source:Read More →

artistic arts and crafts colourful conceptual

  Influential craftspeople and brands are wielding the power of Instagram to draw in customers. We select 10 artisan makers capturing consumers’ attention by creating moments of pause in the endless scroll – via hypnotic videos of craft processes and sensorial colour and material combinations. Source: Instagram: 10 Craft InfluencersRead More →

Embroidered Paintings by Vera Shimunia

Saint-Petersburg-based artist Vera Shimunia paints these small, colorful landscapes using embroidery. The painterly designs sort of resembles Vincent Van Goghs paintings and she has managed to capture the beauty of these landscapes using various stitching techniques to add texture to the works. Source: Embroidered Paintings by Vera ShimuniaRead More →

Wooden Stories: 3D Artworks by Mat Szulik

Polish artist Mat Szulik created this beautiful series of 3D wooden sculptures exploring an intriguing visual narrative. “I had an idea of creating a series of 3 illustrations/posters for my daughters and a baby boy’s bedroom. I knew I wanted to do something in wood as I did in myRead More →

Retro Birdhouse Camper Kit Makes the Perfect Backyard Outpost

In a charming sendup of the current camper van resurgence, Marcus Williams and Sj Stone of the Nashville-based design studio One Man, One Garage have created a set of vintage camper birdhouse kits that are the perfect backyard outpost for a family of birds. Source: Retro Birdhouse Camper Kit MakesRead More →

15 Adorable Fall Crafts To Decorate Your Home With This Season

How’s your DIY fall home decor coming along? Have you made some progress or are you out of ideas? We’ve already presented you with plenty of creative DIY ideas to decorate your home for fall but hey, there’s nothing wrong with having some more ideas on the table right? Source:Read More →

Pink Toy Castle made from Upcycled cardboard

Lately, it feels like the most first world problem in my life is too many cardboard boxes! Between moving to a new home and the convenience of online shopping (lookin’ at you, Amazon Prime!), my recycling pile can get out of control. Source: Build a Toy Castle from Upcycled CardboardRead More →

Ruby Throated Hummingbird India-based cut paper artists Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama have set out to construct 365 miniature bird species by the end of 2018. To form each work, the pair begins by cutting feathers, beaks, and talons from layers of paper and then using watercolor to produce furtherRead More →

Source: Porcelain Bowls Made with BalloonsRead More →