Black Mountain College

Lust, heartbreak and suggestive sculpture

The sensual American graffitist Cy Twombly, who lived in Italy from the late 1950s until his death in 2011, lushly inscribed his epic canvases with love poetry – Shelley and Keats, Cavafy and Catullus. The work was like an abstract expressionist Valentine’s card.Read More →

Black Mountain College art exhibit

Connecting Legacies: A First Look at the Dreier Black Mountain College Archiveโ€ features archival objects from the Theodore Dreier Sr. Document Collection presented alongside artworks from the Asheville Art Museumโ€™s Black Mountain College Collection to explore the connections between artworks and ephemera. Read More →

View of James Bishop's 2014 exhibition

Painter James Bishop has died at age 93. His lyrical abstractions juxtapose fields of colour or expanses of primed and painted canvas. He often worked on found materials, displaying careful attention to his substrateโ€™s surface. In an essay for our October 2008 issue, artist and critic Joe Fyfe responded to a retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago that centred Bishopโ€™s work on paper. โ€œBishopโ€™s paintings on paper arise from a carefully determined process and an openness to accident,โ€ Fyfe writes. โ€œWorking on a small scale, often in series, he achieves a gentle grandeur.โ€Read More →