Transgas, the last excursion (arch. Jan Fišer)

Czech architect Jan Fišer, born in 1944, is renowned for his design innovation and architectural mastery, including the Generali Česká pojišťovna building. He teaches architecture, continues a family legacy in the field, and co-authored “Transgas”.
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Zlín - University center by Eva Jiřičná - interior

Eva Jiricna is a renowned architect and designer known for her elegant and innovative creations. From her early career in Prague to establishing her own practice in the UK, Jiricna has left a lasting impact on the industry. Her collaboration with fashion retailer Joseph Ettedgui shaped the iconic matte black style of 1980s London. With a blend of high-tech features and romanticism, Jiricna’s designs have garnered attention. She has worked on notable projects including the Joseph flagship store and collaborated with esteemed architects like Richard Rogers and Jan Kaplicky. Eva Jiricna Architects has expanded its scope to include product design and a wide range of commissions, solidifying Jiricna’s reputation as a visionary architect.Read More →

Atika Chair featured image

Formed in 1987, Atika was aligned with the Anti-Design orientation of Archizoom, Alchimia, and Memphis in Italy. One of its goals was to support Post-Modernism, seeking an outlet for experimentation and new means of expression. Its expressive language used signs of symbolic meanings that referred to nature, society, and urban destruction. Read More →

Alphonse Mucha. Spring 1896

Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) was a Moravian decorator, painter, and graphic artist. In the 1890s and early 1900s, Mucha is well known for his Art Nouveau posters, particularly those of Sarah Bernhardt. Mucha first designed stage sets in Vienna; moved to Munich, in 1885 and Paris in 1887.Read More →

Jaromar Krejcar functionalist designer and architect

From 1922 to its close in 1931, he was a member of the Devétsil group and editor of the compendium Zivot II and journal Disk; in 1922, he worked in the office of architect Josef Gocar. In 1923, he set up his own office in Prague; was the Bauhaus representative in Czechoslovakia. He was a friend of Teige and the leading architect of the Devétsil group.Read More →

František Zelenka Terezín 1944 theatre props

František Zelenka (1896 – 1942) was a Czech architect and stage and graphic designer. He was born in Prague. Zelenka’s career in the theatre was initiated by K.H. Hilar, the National Theatre director in Prague in 1926.Read More →

National Railway Station Restaurant, Vienna X, Josef Pohl

Josef Pohl, a Czech designer, pioneered adjustable lamps and created functional furniture designs like the “Bachelor’s Wardrobe” on casters. His designs emphasized simplicity, practicality, and functionality, embodying the modernist ethos.Read More →

Ladislav Sutnar featured image

Ladislav Sutnar was a bohemian painter and advertising, display, and industrial designer; born Pilsen (now the Plzen Czech Republic.Read More →

Antonin Kybal featured image

Antonin Kybal (1901 – 1971) was a Czech designer in the Decorative and Applied Arts. Education He went to CharlesRead More →

Pavel Hlava featured image

He was best known for his cut and engraved glass. Hlava enhanced a number of innovative technologies, both in terms of conception and manufacturing. These featured melted silver leaf and other materials, as well as skeleton moulds for shaping glass.Read More →

Jacqueline Groag Textiles

Jacqueline Groag (1903 – 1986) was a Czech textile designer and ceramicist. Born in Prague she studied in Vienna at the Kunstgewerbeschule during the 1920s. In 1937 she moved to Paris where she designed dress prints for Jeanne Lanvin, Elsa Schiparelli and others.Read More →

Zdenek Rossmann featured image

He was a member of the Devétsil group from 1923 until its closure in 1931 and the Brno Devétsil group 1923-27. He designed publications, including Pasmo (1924—27) and the Fronta compendium (1927). His work was based on the principles of Bayer and Tschichold.Read More →

Marie Teinitzerová featured image

Marie Teinitzerová was born in a little town near Pelhimov called kov. However, she and her parents soon relocated to Jindichv Hradec. In Vienna and Brno, she studied painting. She attended the School of Applied Arts in Prague from 1905 to 1906, then a weaving school in Berlin in 1906. Her research tour took her to Denmark, Sweden, and France, where she attended tapestry workshops in Paris. She returned to Prague in 1908.Read More →

Chair in Czech cubist style

the beginning of the 20th century. Czech Cubism embraced architecture, design and decorative arts and flourished most prolifically in the years immediately preceding and following the outbreak of the First World War.Read More →

The Czechoslovak Festival

Frantíšek Kysela (1881 – 1941) was a Czech designer and teacher. He was born in Kourim. Between 1900-04 and 1905-08, he studied at the School of Decorative Arts Prague, under K. Mašek. Read More →

Vlastislav Hofman

Vlastislav Hofman (1884 – 1964) was a Czech architect, designer and artist. He studied at the Czech Technical University. He worked in the building department of the Prague magistrate. He was a member of the Artel Cooperative and Mánes Association of Plastic Artists. In 1911 he left Mánes and joined the group of plastic artists. He wrote a number of theoretical articles for magazines. In 1912, he left the group and returned to Mánes. Read More →

Karel Teige featured image

Between the wars, Teige was a prominent figure in Czech art and architecture. He was the editor of many avant-garde magazines, including Disk, Stavba, and ReD, and wrote about photography. Read More →

Ajeto Glassworks featured image

Ajeto Glassworks – Czech Republic. Borek Spek, a renowned Czech designer, and Petr Novotny, a talented young glassblower, formed this glass company in 1989 Read More →

Jaroslav Horejc Glass Tumbler

Jaroslav Horejc was a Czech sculptor and designer. He was born in Prague. He studied at the Specialized School of Jewelry and, 1906-10, School of Applied Arts, both in Prague. Read More →