Albert Reimann featured image

Albert and his wife Klara Reimann founded the Schülerwerkstatten für Kleinplastik (School for Small Sculpture) in Berlin in 1902. Reimann was a gifted craftsman who created prototypes to produce bronze, copper, silver, gold, and pottery. Read More →

Ecolle Boulle College, Paris, France

The École Boulle was created in 1886 and is named after the cabinetmaker André-Charles Boulle, who during the reign of Louis XIV (1643-1715), the Sun King, was commonly considered to be the preeminent artist in the field of marquetry or inlay. The art of André-Charles Boulle is regarded today as “Boulle Work”. Read More →

Slade School of Fine Art

A training school for artists established in 1871 as part of the University College of London. It is named after the art collector Felix Slade (1788–1868), who in his will endowed chairs of fine art at the universities of London, Oxford and Cambridge. Read More →

École Estienne

In honour of the Estienne family, the school was named after a famous family of printers from the 16th century, including Henri Estienne (elder), Robert Estienne and Charles Estienne. Its mission was to address the poor printing and book-making qualifications and standards, covering theoretical and practical aspects.Read More →

Roll up Piano keyboard

This vibrant, flexible keyboard gives rock ‘n’ roll a whole new meaning.Read More →

One of the foremost universities in Vienna, Austria, is TU Wien (TUW; German: Technische Universität Wien; also known in English as the Vienna University of Technology from 1975–2014). The University has gained comprehensive international and domestic recognition in both teaching and science and is a highly respected partner of innovation-oriented enterprises.Read More →

Black Mountain College in North Carolina

Black Mountain College Black Mountain College was founded by John Andrew Rice and a groupRead More →

Royal Academy of Art

They are an Academy They have a lot in common with museums and other galleries,Read More →

Central School of Art and Design

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design The London County Council set up thisRead More →

Graphic design principles: Definition and basics you need for good design

Two Dimensional space Visual design is mainly performed within two-dimensional boundaries( height and width). ARead More →

Getting the right education can be the difference between bagging your dream design job and,Read More →

The design world evolves super quickly, with new techniques and web design tools seeming toRead More →

Best self-tests

Never mind those silly online quizzes that tell you what your spirit animal is. HereRead More →