Gelion is a Sans serif with a geometric touch with a minimal contrast of strokes, inspired by Futura, Avant Garde, Avenir and neo-grotesque Akzidenz-Grotesk, Helvetica form remaining true to the gracefully geometric look of the early 20th-century typefaces, that ticks off a long list of branding requirements.Read More →

Andy Gilmore’s geometric illustrations

Source: Trippy Geometric Illustrations by Andy GilmoreRead More →

© Andres Gallardo Andres Gallardo ‘s ongoing Urban Geometry series captures unique forms, colors, and shadows of modern architecture of various cities. The project is a personal one for Gallardo, as it has been a long-term photo series that has accompanied him throughout his journey in becoming a professional photographer,Read More →

Urban Soap is a series of delightful multi-sensory soaps inspired by the urban fragments of Seoul. The soaps are multi-sensory objects with the intention to deliver urban fragments through sensibilities of sight, smell and touch. Source: Reader Submitted: Simple Yet Beautiful Geometric Soaps Inspired by Urban Fragments of SeoulRead More →

Black lines can greatly refresh the classic French manicure. Source The whole world of fashion, and so does the manicure world is full of very beautiful, original and creative solutions for building your own style. There is a lot of ideas for combining wardrobe, patterns, makeup, fashion accessories, footwear… PeopleRead More →

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Kristen Meyer has a great sense of composition. She combines natural elements, such as flowers, pieces of wood or seashells, to create perfectly organised geometric flat-lays. In this series, the designer blurs the line between organic and geometric shapes. Source: Satisfying Geometric Flat-LaysRead More →

Former IT tech now tattooist for the last five years, Stanislaw Wilczynski (aka digimatism) is all about producing clean-looking geometric compositions that are inspired by “abstract expressionism, minimalism, suprematism, constructive architecture and techno music.” Often geometric forms and lines are the hardest to tattoo, as they require great technical skillRead More → – Geometric type by Federico Landini & Ray Oranges . Source: – Geometric type by Federico Landini & Ray…Read More →

This beach house in Chile by Aguilo Pedraza Arquitectos sits above the urban boundary and views the sea despite its distance from it. the dwelling was designed with specific accessibility requirements, and for this reason, there are several ramps that lead to the various floors from the outside.Read More →

    A poster calling for entries for a design competition sponsored by the The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).   I love this poster as it skillfully uses Typography and colour setting the bar high for would-be contestants. The AIGA charter is to enhance the standards of design andRead More →