Marc Harrison Universal Design featured image

Marc Harrison (1936-1998) was an industrial designer from the United States. Harrison sustained a significant brain injury in a sledding accident when he was eleven years old. He had to relearn simple functions like walking and talking as a result of the crash. Harrison gained experience and motivation for his future work as an industrial designer due to this incident and his lengthy recovery.Read More →

Bakelite AD-65 Radio

AD-65 Radio, Designed 1932; manufactured 1934 Circular green Bakelite housing with semi-circular station dial at top front above circular brown textile-covered speaker with three vertical metal rods as grille; three circular control knobs below speaker; two angled feet at base. The first entirely synthetic plastic was Bakelite, the trade nameRead More →

Misha Black Proposal for 1951 Exhibition – 1946

Misha Black, was an industrial designer, architect and educator, was born in Russia and moved to London when he was 18 months of age. Education He was mostly self-taught despite a short period of study at the Central School of Arts and Crafts and in Paris, beginning his professional careerRead More →

Industrial Design Magazine with Cover

Alvin Lustig, Cover for Industrial Design magazine, April 1954, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, gift of Tamar Cohen, reproduced courtesy F + W Media, Inc. Founded when the industrial design profession was becoming firmly established in the American manufacturing industry, Industrial Design has long been established as America’s leading magazine forRead More →

Goodgrip peeler by Tucker Viemeister

Tucker Viemeister is an American product designer. He was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He was professionally active in New York and was the son of industrial designer Read Viemeister. Education Tucker Viemeister graduated from Yellow Springs High School in 1966, went to two different colleges. He ended up studyingRead More →

Olivetti Lexikon

Olivetti is an Italian office machinery and furniture firm, located in Ivrea, Northern Italy. Olivetti Lexikon, Poster 1953 For a large part of its history, Olivetti has followed the highest aesthetic standards in its business activities: architecture, interiors, advertising, graphics, corporate branding, as well as its manufactured products—office and computerRead More →