Ekco Products Co., Chicago, IL Flint Spatula 1943-46

Founded in 1888, Ekco Products Company evolved from modest beginnings to become America’s leading kitchenware manufacturer by the 1950s due to strategic acquisitions and design innovation, notably introducing a hole in spoon handles for easy hanging. Their Flint 1900 series epitomized functional elegance.
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Lego Blocks

LEGO, beyond simply being a children’s toy, is highly esteemed in the applied and decorative arts for its versatility in functional design and aesthetic, replicating architectural masterpieces and creative displays.
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Breville Espresso Machine Collection

Breville products blend practical functionality with modern, timeless aesthetics. Prioritizing user experience, high-quality materials, sustainability, and customizable designs, their kitchen appliances deliver longevity, adaptability, and value for money.Read More →

Transgas, the last excursion (arch. Jan Fišer)

Czech architect Jan Fišer, born in 1944, is renowned for his design innovation and architectural mastery, including the Generali Česká pojišťovna building. He teaches architecture, continues a family legacy in the field, and co-authored “Transgas”.
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Limbo Chair designed by Hlynur Atlason

Born in Reykjavik, Hlynur Atlason is an acclaimed industrial designer, best known for his research-driven approach and culturally-informed designs. He runs ATLASON Studio based in New York and teaches at Parsons.Read More →

Tupperware a selection of containers

Tupperware’s broad influence extends from kitchen storage to social, cultural, and design spheres, although its future is uncertain due to financial struggles and the need for sustainable innovation. The brand’s history demonstrates both its transformative power and marketing complexities.Read More →

"Cloud Layers" (2013). A chair made of 545 layers of cloth by Richard Hutten. Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Richard G. J. Hutten is a renowned Dutch industrial designer known for his blend of function, humor, and sustainability. His influential “No Sign of Design” philosophy and materials in line with the circular economy make his work not only aesthetically appealing but also ecologically responsible.Read More →

Pond Coffee Table by Marco Acerbis

Marco Acerbis, a stalwart in architecture and design, carved a unique career path beginning with prestigious Foster+Partners, before starting an independent, Italian practice. A proponent for interdisciplinary design, Acerbis promotes sustainability and uses advanced technology, shaping the landscape of modern design.Read More →

Sillón Calvet Antoni Gaudí1966

Trace the Sillón Calvet’s journey from its original location in Calvet House to its current residence in the Inter-American Development Bank. Uncover the reasons behind its enduring appeal and its contribution to the ongoing relevance of Catalan Modernisme.Read More →

Beauty and the East featured image

The transformation of China in the past three decades has been nothing short of spectacular. Now a cultural and economic player on the world stage, its rise has also given air to a new generation of architects and interior designers.Read More →

Salon des Arts Ménagers poster featured image

The Salon des Arts Ménagers, initiated in 1923, symbolized modern domesticity in France, promoting efficient household management and aesthetic appeal. Despite its decline in late 20th century, its legacy endures in domestic design and consumer education.Read More →