Born in Nagoya, Japan, Fumi Nagasaka moved to New York in 2002 to explore North American culture. In 2003 she began working as a freelance photographer for the Japanese cult magazine Street, and later, traveled around Europe and US shooting documentary photographs.Read More →

Peter Zelewski Twins

In his ongoing portrait photography collection, Alike But Not Alike, London-based photographer Peter Zelewski has explored the similarities and differences between sets of identical twins. Captured against neutral backdrops on the streets of London, Zelewski’s duos are of various ages, ethnicities, cultures, and styled to dress in matching clothes. This style places the spotlight on the subjects, showing the special, unbreakable relationship and remarkable resemblance of the siblings, while also allowing viewers to take a closer look and explore the tiny differences between each pair.Read More →

Angelica Dass mosaico+Humanae

The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color given by Angelica Dass a Brazilian Photographer.  The ‘Humanae’ project began as a small family album included relatives, friends and neighbours.  The project now includes portraits of more than 3000 people from 24 cities spanning 15 countries.  She states that the “Colour of our skin gives a lasting impression.”Read More →

Gorgeous beauty portraits by Katarzyna Markiewicz, talented photographer and retoucher currently based in Lublin, Poland. Katarzyna focuses on portraiture, she shoots awesome beauty, fashion, street style and lifestyle portrait photography.Read More →

Delilah and Tululah For the past three years, Detroit-born, London-based photographer Peter Zelewski has been exploring the similarities and differences between sets of identical twins in his ongoing portrait photography series, Alike But Not Alike . Source: Portraits of Identical Twins Reveal Their Similarities and DifferencesRead More →


As time passes by and you look at portraits, the people come back to you like a silent echo.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004). Two exhibitions of fashion and portrait photography by Marilyn Stafford (b. 1925) open across the UK this autumn. Source: Unseen PortraitsRead More →

Multidisciplinary artist Katerina Belkina blends photographic and painting techniques to craft surreal compositions. Each work combines muted tones with otherworldly elements, positioning figures within intriguing landscapes. Comprising portraits – of which many are autobiographical – the digitally manipulated works present the experiences of women from uncanny perspectives. Source: Uncanny PortraitsRead More →

Known for his graphic, architectural illustrations, Italian artist Federico Babina ’s latest series, DIRECTPORTRAIT , pays homage to famous movie directors. Rendered in his distinct style of overlaid graphic shapes, each poster-like digital illustration features stylized portraits of world-renowned filmmakers with various film references cleverly incorporated into their facial featuresRead More →

Spanish fine art photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer deconstructs the meaning of portrait photography with her faceless series ‘The Unknown’ and ‘Moon’. “I think photographs should be provocative and not tell you what you already know. It takes no great powers or magic to reproduce somebody’s face in a photograph,” DuaneRead More →

Fashion Photography: In Cristina Otero’s series called “Tutti Frutti”, She cleverly combines various fruits with bold makeup colors creating some of the most Beautiful and Creative self portraits. Cristina Otero is a Spanish photographer currently living in Madrid. Known for her self-portraits, she was born in Galicia and is theRead More →

If you’ve never had the desire to disappear into the background then you’re either a very confident person or a verbally continent one. But for those of us wallflowers with our feet permanently in our mouths, photographer Brooke DiDonato’s As Usual series will have a particular resonance. Mixing the everydayRead More →

Portrait with acne - "perfect does not exist"

Blackheads, whiteheads, ones with no heads, zits, acne, hormonal cysts, spots that burrow under your skin, spots that nestle gently upon it, whatever you wanna call it, those fuckers are a pain in the ass. It’s not even the spots themselves, it’s the bouts of self-hatred, self-consciousness and pure unadulteratedRead More →

Munich-based Russian photographer Elizaveta Porodina’s series Mirror World is an entrancing collection of portraits reflected through mirrors. The cracked surfaces produce an eerie and disorienting effect, a stunning example of her experimental and bold photographic style. Visit her website to see more of her stunning cinematic, fashion and documentary imagery.Read More →

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“I don’t believe that your personal and your commercial work should be two completely different things,” states London-based photographer Giovanni Corabi. Originally from Italy, this belief is evident throughout Giovanni’s portfolio: a quick flick through will leave you at a loss for where one type of project ends and theRead More →

Rob and Nick Carter, a husband and wife artistic duo, portray a range of traditional Sanskrit yoga postures in their series Yoga Photograms. The model’s weight and pose are imprinted onto a large photographic paper via their movement across the light in a darkroom. And the results are as stunningRead More →

Gorgeous portraits by Rosie Hardy, multi-talented photographer, artist and content creator who was born in 1990 in Buxton and currently based in Manchester, England. In 2010, Rosie was discovered by Maroon 5 and she was on their “Hands All Over” album’s cover. Hardy has discovered innovative ways to use herRead More →

Slovenia-based artist Sašo Krajnc (aka Cvern) handcrafts incredible string art portraits made with unbroken pieces of sewing thread. Each piece appears like a textile spirograph, featuring countless lines of black thread interwoven and tightly wound around circular, nail-clad, aluminum and wooden frames. Each piece starts as a single line andRead More →

Saint Justina of Padua, Bartolomeo Montagna (Bartolomeo Cincani) In the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Use the “download or Enlarge links under the image on their site. Though this is technically a religious work, not a portrait, I think the beautifully drawn and delicately rendered face has theRead More →

Antoine Cordet’s Eerie, Mixed-Media Portraits

French artist Antoine Cordet’s ghostly acrylic and oil paintings appear as portraits that have been tampered with, whether out of disdain or abstractions arising from memory. Despite the seemingly despondent expressions of its subjects, the paintings are given an unexpected energy from these touches.Read More →