Patricia Piccinini art sculptures

Art Sculptures: Patricia Piccinini is one of the most well known Australian contemporary artists. Piccinini graduated from the College of Fine Arts in painting Economic History, having a wide range of interests, from sociology to technology and computer graphics. read more Source: 30 Most Controversial Art Sculptures by Patricia PiccininiRead More →

A Venice Biennale sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn depicts dramatic hands emerging from the Grand Canal and trying to save Venice from drowning. The sculpture was meant to attract more attention to the problem of climate change. View this post on Instagram Yes!…so happy to say mission accomplished.Read More →

Lining the 20-kilometre path of the De Stijl Cycle Route in the central Netherlands are ten new sculptures from Boris Tellegen aka Delta. Commissioned to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the Neoplasticism artistic movement, the unique columns measuring 55 cm on each side and rising more than 6.5 metres inRead More →

Artist Kiko Miyares carves and colours stretched, distorted sculptures of the human figure. The Spanish sculptor often focuses on the head and shoulders of his subjects, with each bust combining realistic renderings of facial feature with a dramatically narrowed shape that makes the works appear to be squeezed or warped.Read More →

Source: Sculptures By Matthew SimmondsRead More →

Garden statues

Think of them as art for your garden. Garden statues are the perfect accessory to enhance and intensify the intended mood of an outdoor space or sunroom. Whether you are looking to infuse your backyard with a bit of humour, balance the composition of your landscaping, or draw attention toRead More →

Huntz Liu art

Huntz Liu, Three Dimensional Illustrations. Artist Huntz Liu hand-cuts thousands of pieces of paper to form his jaw-dropping three-dimensional illustrative sculptures. Don’t miss Supersonic Art on Instagram! Source: Huntz Liu, Three Dimensional Illustrations.Artist Huntz Liu…Read More →

Curious unravelling animal illustrations based on a dream

The animal kingdom has a lot to offer an artist; it is a great theme to fill up an empty sketchbook. Illustrator Jaume Montserrat’s series ‘Emptyland’ puts a new spin on traditional realist style sketches by transforming the lovable critters into floating ribbons of detail. Source: Curious unravelling animal illustrationsRead More →

Christopher Duffy of Duffy London, has created the Abyss Wall Relief, a sculptural wall piece that uses layers to create the ancient depths of the ocean and an abyss that gazes back. Source: The Abyss Wall Relief By Christopher Duffy   Abyss Horizon Coffee Table by Christopher Duffy “ Abyss Horizon ”Read More →

Sculptor gets laughs in New York with monuments to fake tragedies

A sculpture by artist Joseph Reginella depicts the Staten Island Ferry Octopus Disaster of 1963, during which one of the borough’s famous orange boats was dragged below the East River’s surface by an enormous, tentacled beast. (AFP pic) NEW YORK: It all started in 2016 with a bronze statue commemoratingRead More →

The creator of the Cristiano Ronaldo sculpture unveiled at Madeira airport to an internet storm last year has been granted a second attempt. Emanuel Jorge da Silva Santos is a sculptor whose name you may not recognise, but whose work you certainly will through memes and thousands of tweets. Source:Read More →


french visual artist aude bourgine honor’s references the fragility of our oceans , using textiles, beads, and sequins, to create coral sculptures. the artist creates displays that capture the beauty and fragility of coral for a series called ‘ poumons des océans,’ which translates to ‘lungs of the oceans.’ imagesRead More →

  Artist Edoardo Tresoldi has placed a sculpture featuring faces fashioned from wire mesh on a rooftop overlooking a Barcelona street. The site-specific public artwork, called Limes, is lined up along the edge of the building’s roof and is made up of six mask-like reliefs of human faces shaped fromRead More →

New York-based multidisciplinary artist Arlene Shechet ’s playful practice consistently pushes the boundaries of what sculpture can be. Across plaster, porcelain, clay, and paper, she has worked extensively in ceramics, crafting a visual language that breaks many of the medium’s given rules—for example, firing clay at odd temperatures, applying glazeRead More →

Source: Birds Balloon Sculptures into the WildRead More →

Chinese designer Wang Yonggang of  Idea Latitude Public Art Institute has created Obscure Reality, a public artwork which floats above the East Square of Beijing Fun, in the city’s Xicheng District, the closest Chinese-style living experience area to Tiananmen Square. Source: Wang Yonggang Installs A Mirrored Cloud Sculpture In BeijingRead More →

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudio Jan 13, 2017 Part of the Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. This is where you’ll find the most interesting things/finds/work curated by one of us to simply inspire your day. Source: Daily Design InspirationRead More →