Symmetry vs.Asymmetry

Asymmetryย is the absence of, or a violation of,ย symmetryย  Symmetryย in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.ย  These are two vital principles of design theory.

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Asymmetryย can help give some life and power to a typographic arrangement.

The designer has used the idea of a long piece of tape or receipt.ย  The typography is contrasted against large and small to make it stand out.Read More →

Design principles are the foundation of a good design. The design principles you learned will guide you in creating visual media. An efficient design will guide the viewer to see what you intend for them to look in the way you intended for them to see it.Read More →

Benchmark of beauty symmetry

Design, fashion art, architecture all make use of symmetry. If a design or a structureRead More →