F**k you Be Happy: A Stencil’s Bold Message

Strolling through the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, the author discovers a striking piece of street art with a paradoxical message, inspiring reflections on the power of design, the essence of street art, and the contrast between defiance and joy.Read More →

Side Nave perspective of Church of Santa Maria del Pi in Barcelona

Santa Maria del Pi Church in Barcelona, a testament to 14th-century Catalan Gothic architecture, incorporates a single nave, cross-vaulted sections, a polygonal apse, and lateral chapels. Its design symbolizes divine transcendence and introspection.
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Interior of the eastern side of the Sagrada Familia

A couple marvel at Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Família, a representation of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural brilliance and design philosophy. The basilica’s interior offers a tapestry of light and color and, still under construction since 1882, stands as a testament to the evolving nature of art and architecture.Read More →

At Café Maison Sauvage, Mascarpone Pancakes with Red Fruit Compote

At Café Maison Sauvage, Mascarpone Pancakes with Red Fruit Compote is more than a meal, it’s a sensory journey. The dish exquisitely combines culinary skill with elements of design, inspiring a rich, memorable experience.Read More →

1979 Citroën 2CV our Parisian Chariot

The post details a romantic and immersive exploration of Paris’s historical landmarks from a 1979 Citroën 2CV, emphasizing emotional connections, simple joys, and seeing the city through a unique, intimate lens.Read More →

The Louvre Pyramid at the entrance to the Louvre

During an unexpected delay at the Louvre, a couple explores the Louvre Pyramid’s exterior, an architectural marvel designed by I. M. Pei, symbolizing a fusion of ancient symbolism and modern aesthetics.Read More →

The Pavillon de Flore, part of the Palais du Louvre in Paris

A couple’s unexpected delay at the Louvre led them to a fascinating exploration of the Pavillon de Flore, where they marvelled at its historical and architectural grandeur, underscoring the beauty in unplanned travel detours.
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Christmas Decorations at Galerie Lafayette in Paris

The author describes the magical Christmas experience at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, marveling at the grand decorations, city views, and the shared connection with the city and its festive spirit.Read More →

Fontaines de la Concorde Paris in late November

The Fontaine des Mers at Place de la Concorde in Paris is a historically significant monument completed in 1840, symbolizing France’s maritime prowess. The intricate design features bronze and gold statues depicting ocean life and maritime navigation, highlighting the era’s industrial advancements.Read More →

Fragipani petals on concrete path, Orchard Hill Road

Our first day in Singapore leads us through Orchard Hill Road, experiencing a mix of nature and urban design, traditional and modern elements, and uniquely Singaporean street art and culture.Read More →

Moleskine Hardcover Notebooks - Milligram

During a shopping spree in Sydney, the author rediscovers Moleskine hardcover notebooks at Milligram. He appreciates the notebook’s perfect blend of design and function, symbolizing durability, facilitating writing as a therapeutic and creative practice, and invoking nostalgia for the traditional art of writing.Read More →

Daitoku-ji temple raked stone

The Daitoku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, serves as a serene sanctuary embodying Japanese design principles, including ‘wabi-sabi’ and ‘shakkei.’ The temple showcases the beauty of imperfection and transience in its raked stones, sculpted pines, and moss carpets, offering a profound lesson in restraint, harmony, and purposeful design.Read More →

Route 66’s signage, featuring vibrant typography, is an iconic symbol of a bygone Americana. Despite the fading of this historic pathway’s physical landmarks, its aesthetic and cultural impact continues to inspire contemporary design and evoke a sense of nostalgia and adventure.Read More →