Bootstrap material design

This is a bootstrap 4 UI kit and website template inspired by Google’s material design. It is best suited for a business, agency, corporate, startup and portfolio websites. It is also easy to customize and comes with Sass files and organized code which makes it developer friendly. Source: Material DesignRead More →

There are a few things that can improve the quality of your outdoor areas like a deck can. It is the most versatile addition that you can update your backyard, courtyard, porch or garden with. I mean, there are just so many things that you can do with a deck,Read More →

It’s a pattern that dates back to the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. Yet it never seems to go out of style. We’re talking about herringbone — a design aesthetic that the experts say is trending higher lately in home design and which can instantly add an upscale look andRead More →

Wingårdhs architects and Wikerstål Arkitekter have led the five-year renovation of Sweden’s 19th century Nationalmuseum originally designed in 1866 by Friedrich August Stüler, architect of the Neues Museum in Berlin, that brings the building and galleries up to date to contemporary standards – and expectations while striking a delicate balanceRead More →

Our senior editors have browsed the vast selection of goodies stocked by WallpaperSTORE* and compiled the ultimate wish list to help you navigate the festive season ahead. Whether shamelessly self-gifting or hunting for gifts for the hard-to-please aesthete or sybarite – we’ve got it covered for you. Source: From minimalistRead More →

Linder Sterling’s punk feminist collages

Launched in 2015, The Grand Tour celebrates the interwoven art, architecture, cultural heritage and landscape of Nottingham and Derbyshire. Since its inception, big-shot British male art stars like Simon Starling and Pablo Bronstein have helped put this UK missive into the international spotlight. Source: Linder Sterling’s punk feminist collages giveRead More →

Cabin life and getting back to nature are a national pastime in Finland but paradoxically not always devoid of environmental impact. Local designer Robin Falck has teamed up with Finnish energy company Neste to show how things could be different. Source: Designer Robin Falck designs a zero impact mobile cabinRead More →

The featured freebie of the day is the third volume of colorful paper marbling textures created with the floating ink technique. These unique textures can be used freely in any kind of project such as websites, posters, or packaging designs.Read More →

You have probably heard the saying ‘a picture conveys a thousand words.’ You can use this concept to promote the brand image of the products or services you are offering to sell to the public via an eye-catching graphic design of your organization’s logo .Read More →

Benefits of Parallax Scrolling

One of the best methods to present the content of your website is by using a technique called parallax scrolling. This has the effect of creating an illusion which causes a feeling of immersion by creating interesting visual effects.  In the late 1980’s and early 90’s, games like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog created the illusion of depth by incorporating layered background images that would scroll with the character at varying speeds.  For instance, as the player would run, a distant background image of mountains would move slowly, while closer background images would move faster.Read More →

Yesterday afternoon I cut 12 more Snail’s Trail/Monkey Wrench blocks. I sewed 9 of them last night while I watched TV and added them to the three I showed yesterday with the die that I used. The name on the die is Snail’s Trail, other people call it Monkey Wrench.Read More →

In a small space, it’s hard enough to find room for a desk, let alone a big desk with drawers and tons of storage space. The good news is, you don’t need a cabinet full of drawers attached to your desk to store all your things—just use the space youRead More →

Inspirational Website of the Week: MailChimp 2016 Annual Report MailChimp’s annual report is a fun retro celebration of shapes and patterns. Our pick this week. Get inspired Progress Nav A great progress visualization concept by Hakim El Hattab. Source: Collective #280Read More →

Source: Ship and ocean illustrationRead More →

John Rodriquez became well known for his textile designs in the early 1950’s. He introduced a unique Australian Style. His abstract textile designs included everyday household items tea towels and curtains. The materials were sunburnt Australian shades, “deep and muted, sometimes almost three dimensional”. Greys, yellows and greens were theRead More →