The difference between cool colours and warm colours. (reblog)

I was in the hardware store ย this morning and I picked up the Dulux interior colour collection catalogue. I love colour swatches and I always find them a fun and exciting way to be inspired. When I ย was something through the brochure I was thinking about warm and cold colours.dulux-blue

Blue is my favourite colour and it is also a cool colour. Most people associate blue with calming images and experiences. It reminds people of the ocean, the sky and other tranquil and relaxing scenes.

Other people find blue to be too tranquil. They think that it is boring. Those reactions are common with cool colours. People either appreciate their calming influence or they think that they are to calming.

Green is a another popular cool colour. It reminds one of nature, serenity, safety and peace. It is a fairly passive colour. Violet on the other hand is a little bit more mysterious. People associated it with royalty, nobility, elegance and wealth.

Watercolour texture warm colours
A water colour texture that is an excellent example of warm colours

Warm colours include red, orange and yellow. They are good for visual designs, websites where you want to feel energised. Yellows and oranges would be excellent choices for a website in which you would want to convey a message of warmth and approachability. Orange or yellow stimulates a feeling of cheerfulness, stimulation and excitement. Yellow brings in the cheerfulness and clarity of sunlight.Red elicits deeper emotional responses. People associated with passion, excitement and danger, it is a colour that gets people’s attention.

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