The Benefits of a Studio Dog


Originally posted in 2014

I first thought of the benefits of a studio dog when I visited The Distillery in Surry Hills, and I met Noftus, their golden retriever studio dog. He was so friendly, well behaved and played well with others, I thought ‘We can do that’. Toby was already two years old by the time Bailey Street Design had come into existence, and I had not briefed him on his new responsibilities.

I used to be envious of the tradies dog that sat in the back of the Ute and was with his owner all day long. After 3 years I have put together a list of the benefits of a studio dog.

1. Social Media Meme- It did not take us long to work out that a picture of Toby on our Facebook page produced more likes than our portfolio. Fortunately, he is very photogenic, and he is the best-looking bloke in the office.

2. Client Relations- Toby is a natural salesman and is the first to the door to greet a client. He gets so excited with that knock on the door that I am afraid that he will cause himself an injury when he starts spinning like a Russian ballerina. If he likes you, he will show his appreciation by peeing at your feet. As he is a eunuch, this means that he has a feeble bladder.

3. Head of Security- Although he is small he has the bravery of a little Hobbit. A couple of weeks ago in the middle of the night, he warned us of an intruder on the roof. Giving my Wife and I ample time to call the Police but unfortunately scaring the intruder off our roof.

4. OH&S Officer- He is like a metronome and reminds us to take breaks every 20 minutes or so. He either wants a treat, bark at the neighbour’s cat or just wants attention. This enables everyone in the office to get away from their desks at least once an hour.

Pets in general evoke positive health benefits. Toby has been ideal fit for the Studio because he like many dogs appears to possess a special sensitivity to peoples emotions and needs. Studies show that dogs reduce stress in an office setting. I am thankful that I own my own business so that I can continue to enjoy Tobys company.

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