Alexis Pichot’s Woodland series Revitalized His Sense of Self.


French photographer Alexis Pichot‘s forest series ‘Marche Celeste’ awakened his perceptions and reinvigorated his awareness of self.

Submerging himself in the depths of this forest of Fontainebleau, Pichot captures the divine, earthy qualities of the property. He emphasizes the religious, mythical aspects of this particular place through lighting techniques. There seems to be a supernatural power emanating from the photographs, which the viewer could tangibly feel.

The forest of Fontainebleau has a unique place in history and French collective consciousness. Back in 1863, it was classified as an artistic reserve after painters at the Barbizon school campaigned to be protected. Located just outside of Paris, the woods are a natural sanctuary for many cosmopolitan Parisians seeking respite from the bustle of city life for years. It’s provided generations of writers, artists, and musicians who have inspired and was the first protected all-natural area in the world.

“That there is only one race it is the human race.”

Angelica Dass

While photographing his environment, Pichot re-connected to the character, turning the series into a therapeutic job. Speaking about the calming effects of the woods, he commented: “The forest is just one of the most powerful incarnations of nature at its roots and also an area of transition too, a means to some other state, for the person who is immersed.”

Alexis Pichot’s – Marche Celeste

Alexis Pichot's - Marche Celeste Photo Series

Alexis Pichot's - Marche Celeste Photo Series

Alexis Pichot's - Marche Celeste Photo Series

Aleis Pi

Alexis Pichot's - Marche Celeste Photo Series

Source: Marche Celeste: Alexis Pichot’s Woodland series Revitalized His Sense of Self

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