Primerose Bordier (1929 – 1995) French textile designer


Primrose Bordier (1929 – 1995) was a French designer known for her colourful and innovative home textiles.


She studied at the Atelier Charpentier in Paris.


Between 1949 – 54 she worked as a textile designer.

1954-57, as a stylist at Cosserat.

1958-60, at Au Printemps department store.

During a trip to New York in the early 1960s for Le Printemps, Ms Bordier noted the use of colour in sheets and towels, at the time, was unknown in Europe.

Primrose Bordier Design in House Beautiful January 1972
Primrose Bordier Design in House Beautiful January 1972

Paris 1962, she set up her textile design studio CDM (Coleurs Dessins Modéles). Bordier’s reputation was for sound design at a reasonable price; they, together with her five associates, specialised in the design of medium-priced furnishing textiles, household linen and wallpapers. Her bed-linen collections had delicate, often humorous designs in subtle colour combinations that became classics. Upon starting her company in 1962, she persuaded manufacturers to produce coloured sheets and towels.

She designed tableware for Descamps.

Selection of cushion covers Primrose Bordier
Selection of cushion covers Primrose Bordier.


In 1976, Ms Bordier was the first woman in design to receive the French Legion of Honor.


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