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marimekko 50 postcards

Marimekko, a pioneer in lifestyle brands, continues to captivate enthusiasts with its latest offering – the “Marimekko: 50 Postcard Collection.” This collection is a testament to Marimekko’s enduring appeal and commitment to vibrant design. Discover More at the Marimekko Store.

A Kaleidoscope of Colorful Patterns

The heart of this collection lies in its 50 postcards, each adorned with bold and cheerful prints in a striking array of colours. These flat cards are not just for sending messages; they are a canvas of Scandinavian design that can instantly transform your space. Whether you send them far and wide or hang them up as chic and colourful wall art, these postcards are a delightful burst of creativity.

“Marimekko is a Finnish design house known for its iconic patterns and vibrant colours that have left a lasting mark on the world of textile and fashion design.”

— Anonymous

Perfect Gift for Diverse Tastes

Marimekko’s postcard collection isn’t just about design; it’s a gift for the soul of design enthusiasts. It appeals to Marimekko fans, vintage enthusiasts, pattern admirers, and lovers of vibrant colours. These postcards are a treasure trove of inspiration for those who appreciate design, fashion, and lifestyle.

Affordable Access to Iconic Patterns

Marimekko’s range of products, from clothing to home goods, is renowned for its quality and design. However, it can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. The postcard collection offers an affordable way to own a piece of Marimekko’s most coveted patterns. It allows you to bring the essence of Marimekko into your life without breaking the bank.

Unique Designs, Endless Possibilities

With 50 unique designs in the set, you’ll never send the same postcard to the same person twice. This variety ensures that each message you send or display carries its distinct charm and character.

Marimekko, a Finnish lifestyle design house born in 1951, has left an indelible mark on the design world. It has empowered individuals to express their unique personalities through pattern and colour, offering high-quality fabrics, apparel, accessories, and housewares. With over 100 stores in 40 countries, including its flagship store in New York City, Marimekko continues to inspire and delight design enthusiasts worldwide.

In a world where design meets lifestyle, the Marimekko: 50 Postcard Collection stands as a colourful testament to the enduring appeal of Scandinavian design and the creative spirit it ignites.

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