A Totally Custom, Teeny Tiny Prison Bus Is Now a Mobile Home

Ben and Meag Poirier (Ben and Meag aren’t the first (or, for that matter, the last) couple to turn a bus into a modest mobile home. A quick search of hashtags like #buslife, #busconversion, and #buslifeadventure will reveal a slew of people who have made the switch. But Ben and Meag’s story—and the open and honest way in which they told it—hooked me from the beginning. Ben and Meag were among the first names on the list when The New Homesmiths was at the casting stage. On this episode, you’ll learn why they chose to live in a converted prison bus and get a closer look at the couple’s daily routine.


Breaux, A. (2019, December 19). A totally DIY, teeny tiny prison bus is an incredibly cozy home. Apartment Therapy. Retrieved October 26, 2021, from https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/tiny-home-prison-bus-tour-262266.

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