Monkey man – black and white stencil – Newtown

Monkey man
Black and white stencil monkey man

Monkey man playing tennis wearing a white tee-shirt and a determined look black and white stencil – Newtown.

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  • Keith Haring (1958 – 1990) American artist and designer – art that danced

    Keith Haring Icons

    Keith Haring was best known for his graffiti-like painting, initially on the black paper used to cover discontinued billboard advertisements in the New York subway. After after a feverish 1980’s style career of surging popular success and grudging critical attention, Haring died of AIDS in 1991 at the age of 31.Read More →

  • 20 Most Beautiful Stairs from around the World

    20 Most Beautiful Stairs

    These stairs can be in unassuming places or as a part of a beautification project, but one thing for sure, these have turned into eye candies. Few of these have been painted, while few have tiles and some even have an ever-changing design (sort of) – growing plants. Read More →

  • Monkey man – black and white stencil – Newtown

    Monkey man playing tennis wearing a white tee-shirt and a determined look black and white stencil – Newtown.Read More →

  • The Crystal Ship: Colectivo Licuado

    Their work lights up the grey streets of Montevideo. Their focus lies often on women, as proven by their huge piece for The Crystal Ship. Two confident women; one representing the sea, and the other the storm. A reference to the fishing industry and to Ostend itself. Pay particular attention to their great eye for detail and the refined techniques.Read More →

  • New Mixed Media Artworks by Tristan Eaton

    Tristan Eaton Street Art

    Born in L.A. in 1978, Tristan Eaton started pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscapes of the cities where he lived, be it London, Detroit, or New YorkRead More →

  • Multicolour mural you can see from the Australian ocean, by MOMO

    International artist MOMO and Australian company creative road were selected as the winning team from over 100 entries to deliver ‘the tower project’ for the home of the arts, the new cultural precinct on the gold coast, Australia. Sydney artists Georgia Hill and Elliott Routledge collaborated with MOMO to install the large-scale mural during the latter two weeks of January 2018Read More →

  • Street Artist Fuses Cultures by Painting Black Women in Traditional Korean Hanboks

    demonstrated this best in Los Angeles, where he depicted a black woman donning a traditional Korean hanbok. “It was to show that black beauty and hanbok can come together to create something even more beautiful,” he explained in an Instagram post. “Read More →

  • Keith Haring Mural – Collingwood, Australia

    Keith Haring Mural – Collingwood, Australia

    Those who have an interest in the art world will instantly recognize this Melbourne wall mural as the work of Keith Haring. Haring was born in 1958 and was known for being one of the main figures who brought street art into the mainstream sphere. His social activism and philanthropic values made Haring an iconic character and his murals are just one legacy he left behind. Read More →

  • Colorful Street Art Paintings Replace Heads With 3D Flower Bouquets

    The self-taught artist known simply as Sage creates surreal portraits that replace human heads with flowers and clouds of rainbow hues.Read More →

  • Lady Aiko. Street Art that Combines East and West

    Lady Aiko Street Art

    Lady Aiko (also AIKO, born Aiko Nakagawa in 1975) is a Japanese street artist based in Brooklyn, New York.. In a largely male-dominated medium, Aiko is an influential figure in contemporary street art. She is known for her ability to combine western art movements and eastern technical, artistic skills, as well as for her large-scale works installed in cities including Rome, Italy, Shanghai, China and Brooklyn, New York Read More →

  • Street art – Crouching Girl Enmore, Sydney

    I took this picture of a black and white stencil of a crouching girl, a couple of years ago when I was walking the dog. Check it out >Read More →

  • The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

    World Atlas of Street Art featured image

    An authoritative guide to the most significant artists, schools, and styles of street art and graffiti around the world Painted murals first appeared in Latin America in the early 20th century; in the 1950s, spray-can graffiti associated with Latino gangs followed, notably the “cholo” graffiti of Los Angeles. Read More →

  • Street Art Medley Newtown – 2018

    Street art - newtow

    I took a couple of photos of Newtown local street art back in 2018.   TheseRead More →

  • Banksy version of iconic Monet painting expected to fetch $9m

    banksy reinterprets monet

    A modern version of an Impressionist painting by guerilla artist Banksy is expected to fetchRead More →

  • French Street Artist Turns Boring CIty Walls into Hyper-Realistic Scenes

    French Street Artist Turns Boring CIty Walls into Hyper-Realistic Scenes

    French artist Patrick Commecy is based in Eyzin-Pinet, France, but travels all over the countryRead More →

  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Street Art

    The streets of Brooklyn are a little brighter these days with the addition of two new pieces by Spanish street artist Pejac, including one that appears to be chiseled out of a brick facade.Read More →

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