Konstantin Achkov (b.1973) and ‘tensegrity’ designed furniture

Frame Chairs designed by Konstantin Achkov
Frame Chairs designed by Konstantin Achkov

I came across these attractive looking chairs on design345.com using the Wayback Machine.  

They are designed by Konstantin Achkov, a Bulgarian sculptor who worked for many years with complex structures like “tensegrity”. He is also known for his expertise in a puzzle and interlocking systems. 

The form of the chairs is influenced by traditional frame construction, like that of the Eiffel tower. Specific sides form the base, where every element of the furniture puzzle is assembled only using puzzle joints without glue, nails, screws or bolts.


Tensegrity is a term with a rich and sprawling history. It was coined by Buckminster Fuller, the iconoclastic architect, engineer, and poet, to describe his vision of a new kind of architecture that looked like it was built by nature instead of by humans. In contrast to the pyramids, columns, and brick-on-brick buildings of the past, which pile solid elements compressively, one on top of the other, Fuller imagined a world full of unconventional structures that maintain their stability, or integrity, through a pervasive tensional force, hence the term tensegrity.

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