Rocking Armchair Rod (RAR) by Ray Eames

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Prototype for Rocking Armchair 1948 by Ray and Charles Eames
Prototype for Rocking Armchair 1948 by Ray and Charles Eames

RAR (Rocking Armchair Rod)

  • Designer: Charles Eames (1907โ€“1978, American) & Ray Eames (1912โ€“1988, American)
  • Material: fiberglass-reinforced polyester, wood & metal
  • Manufacturer: Herman Miller Furniture Co. (1923โ€“present), Zeeland, MI

The RAR was designed by Charles and Ray Eames to be manufactured of metal before being sprayed with neoprene (a synthetic rubber) to make it more comfortable. However, by the time the chair could be manufactured, Herman Miller had developed the technique to build the seat out of polyester bonded with fibreglass strands. The use of fibreglass for furniture was a unique and creative concept. Initially, it was only available in grey, parchment, or a grey-beige colour, but it was soon expanded to include a wide range of vivid colours. Purple is the rarest of the Eames rocking chair hues, according to some experts.


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The following article was relied upon heavily. Ray and Charles Eames 21 Aug 1977, Sun Tampa Bay Times (St. Petersburg, Florida) Charles Eames is the inventor of the moulded plywood “potato chip” chair, the ubiquitous moulded plastic chair, and the leather and plywood lounge chair; he is also a film director, frontman, photographer, and exhibits designer, architect, lecturer, poet, husband and myth.

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Ray Eames (b. Bernice Alexandra Kaiser 1912-88) was an American designer. She was born in Sacramento, California. She was the wife of Charles Eames. In creative partnership with her spouse Charles Eames and the Eames Office, she was responsible for groundbreaking contributions in the field of architecture, furniture design, industrial design, manufacturing and the photographic arts.

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