Mid-Century Modernist Wall Lamp – Industrial and Vintage Look

Merbotin Black Sconce Wall Lighting,2-Light Mid Century Modern Wall Sconce

This 2-Light Mid-Century Modern Wall Sconce combines a vintage and industrial design aesthetic, making it a versatile lighting option for various interior spaces.

Vintage & Industrial Design

The Merbotin Black Sconce Wall Lighting features a funnel-shaped design with an elegant matte black finish and a quality brass frame. The brass accents add a touch of sophistication and create a softer look, perfect for contemporary, industrial, or mid-century style interiors.

Great Lighting Effect

This mid-century wall sconce offers ample warm illumination, making it suitable for various applications. It can serve as a wall-mounted living room light, a modern bathroom vanity lamp, a black brass hallway wall light, or an industrial wall light for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and entryways.

Merbotin Black Sconce Wall Lighting,2-Light Mid Century Modern Wall Sconce

180° Adjustable Angle

One notable feature of this black gold bathroom light is its 180-degree flexible light adapter. This allows you to easily adjust the direction of the light, ensuring optimal lighting for your space.


The overall dimension of the Merbotin Black Sconce Wall Lighting is 14.1710.23 inches (3626cm LW). The lampshade diameter measures 6.30 inches (16cm LW), while the mounting plate diameter is 4.72 inches(12cm).

Bulb Recommendation

This wall sconce is compatible with E26 Edison, LED, Incandescent, Fluorescent (CFL), and Halogen bulbs (40W Max, Bulbs Not Included!). It is fully dimmable when wired up to a dimmer switch and used with dimmer bulbs, allowing you to set the desired ambience.

Safe & No Risk Purchase

Rest assured, the Merbotin Black Sconce Wall Lighting prioritizes safety with its UL-listed lamp socket and electric wire. The package has been improved to protect the light during transit, but in case of any issues, the seller offers a 1-year parts replacement service and 24/7 customer support.
The Merbotin Black Sconce Wall Lighting is a compelling choice for those seeking a versatile, vintage, and industrial-inspired lighting fixture. Its elegant matte black finish and quality brass frame create a sophisticated look, while the adjustable angle and ample lighting effect make it suitable for a variety of settings. With its functional design and safety features, this wall sconce is a great option to enhance the ambience of your home or office space.

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