Building Better Bathrooms

Everyone involved in planning, design, construction, maintenance and owning/operating a building with a bathroom needs this book. Although it was written with public and commercial washroom designs in mind, the information also applies to residential spaces. No matter what kind of bathroom you are building, it’s always easier to move a line on paper before a permanent wall. Regardless of where you are in your construction, it’s never too late to make improvements and build better bathrooms.

People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world. They have family, friends and colleagues that they shop, dine and travel with. Every day millions of Canada consider accessibility when determining which business to visit. Whether it is a permanent or temporary disability, access to bathrooms will decide whether or not people choose to come to your restaurant, work at your business or use your recreation complex; they have the exact needs as you. If people can’t access your buildings and the washrooms, it will cost you their business. Building Better Bathrooms will guide you through design criteria for each primary accessible component of a bathroom. You will see what “better bathrooms” look like, how they measure up and, most importantly, you will learn why doing it right really matters.

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