William Merritt Chase (1849 – 1916) American Artist and Teacher

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William Merritt Chase (1849 – 1916) was an American Artist and Teacher based in New York.


Between 1873 – 1878 he studied in Munich.


He settled in New York in 1878; subsequently, he taught at Art Students’ League, New York, in 1896. He established the New York School of Fine and Applied Art (sometimes referred to as Chase School of Art). Becoming known as America’s most important art teacher at the time, he encouraged an enthusiastic approach. He played a part in the infusion of fresh colourations in much of the best paintings in America in the early 20th century. Chase’s prolific work included still lifes, portraits, landscapes, and interiors. His students included Charles DemuthGeorgia O’Keefe, and Charles R. Sheeler. Chase offered courses in interior decoration from 1904. By this time, Frank Parsons was a faculty member, first as a teacher of interior-design history, then president of the New York School of Fine and Applied Art 1913โ€”30. In 1940, the institution was renamed Parsons School of Design.


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