The Art of Zandra Rhodes 

by Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes is known for her creativity and talent worldwide, and it is images and impressions from all around the world that has so often inspired her art. Images have met her eye and been interpreted through her own very personal vision, boldly pushing their way into the highest levels of fashion, from an aerial view of a Mexican sombrero to the wiggle of the Great Wall of China. Looking back on sixteen illustrious years of printing and design, she has been captivated by the visionary way in which her themes have been linked to numerous journeys. In resolving to document these, she has attempted to pin down the creative process itself to be shared with others.

The realization that she and her textile patterns (which she had already, unconventionally, physically printed onto the cloth herself) had too strong a personality to fit into other designers’ looks was her ‘departure point’ on this Fashion Odyssey. So she designed, printed, designed outfits, patterned, cut out dresses, and hand-rolled edges herself, allowing the materials to influence the garment designs. She continues to work fourteen hours per day, seven days per week.

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Zandra Rhodes (1940 – ) British fashion and textile designer

Zandra Rhodes (1940- ) is a fashion and textile designer from England. Her early fashion education laid the groundwork for a career in the textile printing sector. Diana, Princess of Wales, and several celebrities, including rock singers Freddie Mercury and Marc Bolan, wore Rhodes’ designs.

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