The Osterizer is a retro classic

Osterizer blender
Osterizer Blender

In 1937, the Waring Mixer Corporation was the first to make the Osterizer Blender. Francesco Collura redesigned it in 1945. He made the base stand out with vertical ribs that went up into the glass beaker top. This showed that the top was secure and that the blender wouldn’t fall over. Peter Müller-Munk redesigned it again in 1948. He took out the ribs, leaving only the locating spurs at the top, and widened the base so that it stepped up in a series of steps. The success of this blender made it necessary to bring it back.

The Osterizer from 1953 is still a popular classic blender. The Osterizer Model 403 was made by Don Carlson and Al Madl. Like the Muller-Munk, it has a heavy chromed base and a very thick glass top. However, the steps on Model 403 are rounded instead of sharp. Even though both were made for home use, they now feel like professional catering equipment, which gives them a modern, high-tech look.


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