The Serial Killer Coloring Book II: An Adult Coloring Book

Discover the world’s most notorious serial killers – by colouring them!

You have never seen Jeffrey Dahmer, Edmund Kemper or The BTK Killer like this. 

This colouring book is NOT for children!

The Serial Killers Coloring Book
The Serial Killers Coloring Book

The minds and motives of serial killers have always been a mystery to us, a strange but fascinating enigma that we seek to unravel; it is no surprise that, as much as people fear them, they can’t stop learning more about these deadly, dangerous individuals whenever they can.

Their names are known, and their reputations widespread; these monsters haunt the night and bring us a cold, tingling sense of fear. To be a killer is to turn the despicable act of murder into a twisted personal form of art, such as painting a portrait… which is why we’ve brought a book that brings both art and murder together into one single work.

In The Serial Killer Coloring Book II, we shall provide you with the following:

  • Thirty-eight of the most well-known serial killers appear in a new, incredible form.
  • High-resolution images allow you to fill in the smallest details and achieve the most realistic results.
  • Single-sided pages, each image is given its page to save you from worrying about the colours bleeding through and damaging your next serial killer’s image.
  • The most relevant symbolism of each killer allows us to tell you their story in a twisted and new way.
  • The possibility of a fantastic gift for your friends, family and loved ones who love the True Crime genre.

Are you ready to enter the world of the darkest brand of art? Discover this entirely fresh take on colouring books and tackle anxiety and stress in an incredible new way with The Serial Killer Coloring Book II.

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