Launch into Interior Design: a beginner’s guide to the industry


LAUNCH INTO INTERIOR DESIGN: a beginner’s guide to the industry

by Jenny Kennedy

The reader of Launch Into Interior Design will be guided through all of the skills required to begin a career in the design industry, usually taking years to develop. This book offers the new or experienced designer all the resources to build a successful career, from building partnerships with contractors and suppliers to marketing strategy to designing a project from the base to the finishing touches.

Launch Into Interior Design is the essential how-to guide for anyone considering a career in interior design or recently completing a design programme. Jenny Kennedy has compiled over fifteen years of design, paint, window coverings, wallpaper, and flooring expertise into one handy, easy-to-read book. Based on her years of business management experience, Jenny shares advice on writing a business plan, marketing tactics, and what to avoid. Designers will have an insider’s advantage in launching their careers ahead of the pack thanks to this book and their artistic abilities.

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ICID 2023: 17 International Conference on Interior Design

August 24 – 25, 2023, in Sydney, Australia

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