Rolodex 500-Card Rotary Card File | (Design Classic)


Rolodex 500-Card Rotary Card File | Business Card Holder

Brand: Rolodex

Design Classic

There are few office equipment products more iconic than Rolodex (the name comes from a combination of the words rolling and index). In the past, companies organised their contacts in Rolodexes. Rolodex is constructed as a cylindrical rotary card file on a tubular metal frame that contains A-Z index cards to store business contacts.

  • Swivels so you can see all of your connections from any angle.
  • 500 blank 2-1/4″ x 4″ cards and 24 blue A-Z index dividers are included.
  • Big, textured knobs make it simple to locate the card you need.
  • Cards will rotate and be held steady for viewing, thanks to a smooth-turning rotary mechanism.
  • The frame is durable tubular metal and has a high gloss finish.

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