The Remarkable Journey of Architect Louis B. Easton

Carl Curtis ranch, Altadena, 1906 Louis Easton Designer
Louis Easton Designer – Carl Curtis Ranch

Louis Easton Designer was born in 1864 in Half Day, Illinois. He loved learning. After finishing school in 1890, he became a teacher. He taught manual arts at Lemont High School and later became a vice-principal. Besides teaching, he helped boys who didn’t have much money learn to make nice things (Andersen & Design, 1980).

Making Furniture in Illinois

Even though he was a teacher, Easton also loved making furniture. He was so good at it that some of his work was shown at the Chicago Art Institute in 1903. Sadly, his health got worse, so he moved to Pasadena, California, to get better (Byars, 2004).

Louis Easton Designer Houses and Chairs in Pasadena

After he got better, Easton built a house for his family and started working as a contractor. He made a sign that said “Bungalows and Furniture” to show what he could do. Easton wasn’t just a builder; he was also an artist. He made around 25 houses that were both beautiful and strong (Andersen & Design, 1980).

In the early 20th century, California architecture was a mix of styles. The Craftsman bungalow became very popular, known for its simple design and natural materials. Spanish Revival also gained traction, influenced by California’s Spanish history. The style features stucco walls and red-tiled roofs. Art Deco made its mark in the big cities, especially in theatres and public buildings. Overall, the period was one of diverse architectural innovation.

A Really Special House

One of his best works was the Carl Curtis Ranch made in 1906. The house was made of redwood and had a big roof. Easton even designed furniture for it. People say he first drew the house design on the back of an envelope. He kept working on it as the house was being built (Byars, 2004).

Louis Easton Designer – Simple is Beautiful

Easton liked the Arts and Crafts style. He used simple materials like redwood and didn’t add too many details. One example is a beach house he made for another architect in 1911 (Andersen & Design, 1980).

Louis Easton Designer Moving to Anaheim

In 1915, Easton moved to Anaheim for a quieter life. There, he fixed up an old house and started farming. He lived there until he died at 57 in 1921 (Byars, 2004).


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