C & H Water Cooler Dispenser: A Sip from the Past

XXth Century Water Cooler 1920s
XXth Century Water Cooler 1920s

Amid growing sanitation awareness, the early 20th-century the C & H Water Cooler emerged as a unique innovation. As we delve into its history and impact, we’ll explore how this appliance addressed the pressing need for clean water during a transformative era.

C & H Water Cooler Hygienic Solution

In the Roaring Twenties, water distribution faced some significant changes. Additionally, filtration plants being developed at considerable expense, water from brooks and lakes was purified to make it safe to drink. However, the distribution systems at offices, factories, and stores often compromised the water’s purity. Conventional coolers allowed germ laden ice to come into contact with the water, while unsanitary pipes and taps posed a serious health risk.

Amid these challenges, the C & H Water Cooler Dispenser emerged as a game-changer. This appliance was aimed at keeping the sanctity of the water intact by preventing contamination. It had a white porcelain jar and a patented “C & H” push faucet that did clog or drip. This design ensured that the water was served in all its original purity, without contact with ice or other potentially contaminated elements.

Cordley and Hayes water cooler
Cordley and Hayes water cooler

Efficiency Meets Elegance

The cooler didn’t just stop at hygiene; it was a marvel in terms of efficiency as well. Unlike its contemporaries, it used an ice container made of Fibrotta, a non-conductive material. This allowed the cooler to use less ice while keeping the water cold, as the Fibrotta kept heat out and the cold in.

C & H Water Cooler – Beyond the Office

The versatility of the C & H Cooler made it widely acceptable for various spaces. The general version succeeded in offices. A white version highlighted hygiene in medical a setting, including hospitals and doctors’ offices.

C and H Water Cooler
C and H Water Cooler

A Touch of Art Deco

The Water Cooler wasn’t just a functional object; it was a thing of beauty. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, it had elegant curves and glass ball feet, making it an appealing appearance. Thus, it didn’t just serve water; it served it with style.

The C & H Water Cooler is a fascinating early 20th-century artifact, emphasising hygiene in a time when it wasn’t a top design priority. Today, as we enjoy modern dispensers, it’s intriguing to revisit this unique piece.


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