1950's Math Book

In the latest issue of my newsletter, The Magnet, I wrote about some of my favourite old kids’ science books: A long time ago I read a good piece of advice in The Whole Earth Review: a children’s book to learn about a topic. Ever since then I’ve been adding kids’ science books to my home library. I’m biased toward books from the 1950s and 60s because the illustrations are excellent and the writing is straightforward (though sometimes the information can be out of date).Read More →

Puppy I Love You

A recent study has proved what dog-lovers always suspected: dogs understand and physically react to this loving phrase.Read More →

Create Your Own Calm

Artist and writer Meera Lee Patel shares a journaling prompt from her new book, Create Your Own Calm, plus advice for picking up an art habit and moving through a creative block.Read More →

brown and blue square textile

This post shares a collection of motivational quotes for designers intended to spark creativity, innovation, and an appreciation for the craft. The quotes cover themes such as process, craftsmanship, perspective, vision, timelessness, and designer’s life.Read More →

I remember watching “Vision Quest” at the George Street, Cinemas during a stopover in Sydney travelling home to Canberra from boarding school in Brisbane.  It was released in Australia under the title “Crazy for You”.  It did not rival the box office success of the “Karate Kid” at the time however it was a more accurate picture of teen life.  I remember wanting to see it as I heard that Madonna had a brief appearance singing, “Crazy for You.”Read More →