Design Thinking for the Greater Good Cover Art

“Design Thinking for the Greater Good” explores how design thinking, already successful in the commercial world, can be applied by social sector organizations to address complex issues. The authors present ten stories of struggles and successes in various sectors, demonstrating how collaborative creativity can overcome entrenched bureaucracies. The book provides a practical roadmap for implementing design thinking tools to reduce risk, improve resource management, enhance communication, and cater to diverse stakeholders, ultimately leading to innovative and achievable solutions.Read More →

Beautiful Evidence - Featured Image

Beautiful Evidence is a book that teaches how to show information clearly and effectively, suggests new designs, and provides analytical tools for judging credibility. It also moves away from pixel and paper flatlands and into the real world of three-dimensional space and time.Read More →

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Culture

The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Culture is an  A-Z book.  It was carefully put together and has a lot of information about the different kinds of Italian culture after 1945. With more than 900 entries from people all over the world, this book is truly interdisciplinary.

It covers traditional political, economic, and legal issues, with a focus on popular culture topics that haven’t gotten much attention. The entries range from short definitions, histories, or biographies to longer overviews of themes, movements, institutions, and people, from advertising to fascism and from Pirelli to Zeffirelli.

The Encyclopedia is meant to give teachers and students information and ideas in the following fields:

  • Italian language and literature
  • Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
  • European Studies
  • Media and Cultural Studies
  • Business and Management
  • Art and Design

It has a lot of cross-references, a list of topics, and suggestions for what to read next.Read More →