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Spectrum 99 Poster by Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher was a highly regarded British graphic designer who worked for IBM, Fortune magazine, and the Container Corporation of America. Fletcher was interested in visual ambiguity and added value, investing solutions with visual surprise and wit.Read More →

Penguin Covers - Featured Image

If a publisher declares a book to be a classic, as Penguin has been doing for the past 75 years with its Classics series, and since 1961 with the Modern Classics offshoot, it raises a number of potentially knotty questions. What makes a book a classic? Who gets to decide? And will todayโ€™s classic still be a classic in 10 yearsโ€™ time, let alone 50 or 100?Read More →

David Gentleman Postage Stamp

David Gentleman literally changed the face of British stamps. With more than 103 of his designs issued so far, and many more that were never used, he rightly deserves the accolade of โ€œmost prolific and acclaimed stamp designer in Britain.โ€Read More →

David Gentleman - Postage Stamp

His subjects are paintings of landscapes, environmental posters and sketches of street life, and protest signs. He has written and illustrated several books, most of them are about countries and cities. He also produced several commemorative postage stamps for the United Kingdom.Read More →