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It is an architecture alien to any intellectualism, which speaks to the masses whose needs it interprets, especially in the conception of civic and community architecture.Read More →

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Gino Valle (1923 – 2003) was. Italian architect, designer, and town planner. He was born in Udine. He studied at the Instituto Universitario di Architettura, Venice, to 1948. From 1951, he was at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts.Read More →

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Traditional interior design is a style that began in Europe between the 18th and 19th centuries. Classic, elegant, timeless, and formal are words that describe it. It takes ideas from this time in history and reinterprets them in a modern way, making a polished and well-curated home that feels timeless and has no expiration date. It can be similar to transitional interiors, but traditional interiors use a more classic design. The art and culture of ancient Greece and Rome inspired people in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. Read More →

London brutalist buildings

There have been many creative tributes to London’s iconic Brutalist buildings in recent years. Once dismissed as ugly, the concrete towers and blocks of the capital enjoy a renaissance and artists, designers, and photographers are amongst those who now celebrate them.Read More →

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Argentina has a long history of stunning Brutalist concrete buildings. These residences generally connect the inside and outside through huge windows and a flat, low silhouette, showcasing the country’s harsh environment.Read More →