Screenshot of Miffy from Miffy Shop

Dutch artist Dick Bruna, born into a prestigious publishing family, chose art over publishing. His signature style, influenced by artists like Matisse and Lรฉger, is identified by bold, simple lines and primary colors. His most recognizable creation, Miffy, is a children’s literature and design icon.Read More →

Colour Blocking and Interior Design

Colour blocking, a practice rooted in early 20th-century modernist art, involves using contrasting or complementary colours to create dynamic visual effects. It’s heavily applied in fashion and interior design, offering a fresh approach to personal style and vibrant spaces. Despite differing opinions on its origins and future, colour blocking remains a transformative and timeless element in aesthetics and visual design.Read More →

Sonia Delauney Use of Colour

Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979), an interior and textile designer, revolutionized the use of color in the arts. Her collaboration with Robert Delaunay led to the development of Simultaneous Color, emphasizing vibrant hues. She commercialized her talent and designed geometric costumes, opened La Casa Sonia, and created popular textile patterns. During the 1930s Depression, she returned to painting and joined Abstract-Creation. Despite personal loss, she continued as a painter and designer, leaving a lasting legacy.Read More →

An explosion of colours at the colour run

As a web designer, my aim in studying colours is to acquire the knowledge that will enable me to use and combine them to support the purposes of the website I am building. I may use understated, muted colours for quiet and subtle sites (Corporate Website).Read More →

YinMn - The New Blue

I am not a natural when it comes to being able to distinguish between different shades of the same colour. It has now just become more difficult to differentiate a new shade of blue has hit a market called YinMn. Researchers named the pigment YnMn after its three elements: Yittrium (Y), Indium (In) and Manganese (Mn).Read More →

Johannes Itten featured image

Itten was a founding member of the Weimar Bauhaus, along with German-American painter Lyonel Feininger and German sculptor Gerhard Marcks, under the guidance of German architect Walter Gropius. TELL ME MORERead More →

colour picks

It is strongly recognised that colours have a very strong influence on our moods and emotions.ย  As a designer, I want to influence certain physical sensations by introducing particular colours into my projects.Read More →

After a ten days holiday in Tokyo which ended up a visual feast. ย I took hundreds of photos with my iPhone the colour within this is vivid and I was interested what type of colour palette I was able to extract from it. ย I call it Shinjuku.Read More →

The colour red symbolises confidence and power.Read More →

Josef Albers

Josef Albers believed Art, he felt, is seeing, and he believed that his contemporaries had not done a good job of this.Read More →

Interaction of Color by Josef Albers illustration

Albers with “Interactions of Color,” made it his life work to translate the knowledge gained from existing theories and the results from his personal research into a practical course on the action and interaction of colour.Read More →

Long before people were creating color palettes from beloved films or matching food to their Pantone colors ,ย Emily Noyes Vanderpoel was revolutionizing color theory. The Victorian collector, artist, and scholar publishedย  Color Problems: A Practical Manual for the Lay Student of Color ย in 1901 as a breakthrough manual for examining color .Read More →

Colour Theory Book - Featured Image

Color Theory: A Critical Introductionย  by Aaron Fine This book analyses essential critical ideas and provides practical direction on theRead More →