Maiolica tin-glazed earthenware

Maiolica is a tin-glazed earthenware that was produced during the Renaissance in Italy. The name comes from Majorca, the island from which, in the 15th century, a lot of Hispano-Moresque tin-glazed pottery was brought into Italy. The technique of covering with a tin glaze earthenware was similar to that used elsewhere in Europe for delftware and faience.Read More →

The Annuciation by Fra Angelico, Museum of St Marco in Florence, Italy

Fra Angelico loved to paint the adorable angelic faces. “The Annunciation” hangs in the museum of St Marco in Florence, Italy. It is not far away from his other great masterpiece, “The Resurrection.” The picture is facing the entrance to the corridor on the upper floor measures 2.24 metres high by 2.74 metres wide.Read More →

Paradise - Tintoretto

When the Venetian painter Tintoretto was born in 1518, the Italian Renaissance was coming to a close. During that age, artists had developed many new painting techniques. Tintoretto used those techniques very skilfully, added to them, and helped produce a style of painting known as mannerism. Early Years Tintoretto’s realRead More →