Bauhaus Weimar Expo 1923 Long Panel Framed Wall Art Print


Dive into the world of avant-garde design with our latest addition: the Bauhaus Weimar Exhibition Art Print. Hailing from the epicenter of modernist design, this print captures the essence of the Bauhaus movement that originated in Weimar, Germany.

Product Highlights:

  • Iconic Design: This print encapsulates the groundbreaking aesthetics of the Bauhaus era, characterized by its bold typography and geometric forms.
  • Framed & Ready: Measuring at 12×16 inches, the art print comes beautifully framed, ensuring it’s ready to elevate any space it graces.
  • Versatile Decor: Whether you’re a design enthusiast, an art lover, or someone who appreciates historical artifacts, this print serves as a conversation starter. It’s perfect for home offices, living rooms, or even design-centric businesses.
  • Quality Assured: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the print guarantees longevity and retains the vibrant colors and sharpness that Bauhaus is renowned for.

In an era where vintage meets contemporary, the Bauhaus Weimar Exhibition Art Print stands as a testament to timeless design. Get ready to infuse a touch of history and unparalleled design into your space. Grab yours today and let the legacy of Bauhaus shine through your decor!

Bauhaus Design Aesthetic

  1. Bold Typography: Central to the print is the prominent use of typography, particularly the word “BAUHAUS”, depicted in bold and geometrically oriented letters. The use of various type sizes conveys a hierarchy of information.
  2. Geometric Forms: The composition is dominated by clean lines, geometric shapes, and overlapping elements—a nod to the Bauhaus movement’s love for simplicity and primary geometric forms. There’s an evident play between the circular shape and the rectangular elements, creating a balanced yet dynamic visual hierarchy.
  3. Limited Color Palette: The color scheme is restrained to red, black, and the beige of the paper. This minimalist color palette is classic of Bauhaus designs, focusing on primary colors and neutrals to convey messages without distraction.
  4. Use of Grids: There’s a visible underlying grid structure that aligns the textual and graphical elements. This method of layout is quintessential of Bauhaus design, emphasizing order and clarity.
  5. Dates and Details: The words “Ausstellung” (Exhibition) followed by the date “23. Juli – Sept 1923” and the location “Weimar” indicate that this print was likely an advertisement or a poster for a Bauhaus exhibition during that period.
  6. Signature or Monogram: To the right side of the print, there’s a small artist’s mark or monogram, suggesting the designer’s signature or perhaps a mark of the Bauhaus school.

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